US Company Has Face Shields in Stock

San Diego-Based SAFETY AMERICA Ramps Up Production

In a time when Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in scarce supply, there is a San Diego company that has an abundance of face shields. Safety America, which was established in 1991, manufactures face shields among other safety products. In preparation for the current crisis, the company ramped up production about a month ago to keep up with the insatiable demand.

At a time when most people are staying at home - watching TV all day in a state of zombie-like boredom, Jim Lawlor, the company’s founder and president, is probably one the busiest people in America. Filling orders from all over the country, his company is one of the few that actually manufactures face shields here in the USA. With an assembly location in Pacific Beach and a warehouse in Spring Valley, he’s cranking out face shields as fast as he can.

Hospitals, doctors, nurses and even dentists and beauty salons are buying Safety America’s face shields. Places most people have never heard of like Villa Hills, Kentucky or Staunton, Illinois or Lenexa Kansas are buying. And even well-known places - all over the country are buying. Some are preparing to go back to work and need adequate protection. Others are still staying home but need the shields for their periodic trips to the grocery store.

But Lawlor is not only selling them - he’s giving them away too. He has visited local hospital emergency rooms with boxes full of his face shields (See photo). He’s given them away at local businesses and even to postal workers. But in order to stay in business, obviously, he has to sell them too. His workers who make them and his suppliers who provide the raw materials probably wouldn’t like it if he didn’t have the money to pay them.

At his location in Pacific Beach, it’s not unusual for customers to walk in and ask to buy the shields right on the spot. Even though it wasn’t designed as a retail business, Lawlor doesn’t mind people just walking in from off the street to get their face shields. An elderly lady who lives blocks away from the Pacific Beach location called Lawlor after seeing the postal workers behind the counter wearing them at the Cass Street Post Office. The lady asked the postman where he got the shield and he told her it was given to him for free by the owner of the company. She tracked down the location after finding the Safety America website and bought a few for herself. Lawlor tried to give them away to her for free but she proudly insisted that she would pay for them.

Source: Safety America


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