US-Based Surveillance Security Company Rolls Out Cutting-Edge Autonomous Surveillance Platform

Autonomous, Remote Surveillance w/ 24/7 Live Monitoring

With the introduction of SentryPODS®, a unique turn-key, autonomous surveillance solution developed by Marine Corps Veteran, Brent Canfield. The playbook for security surveillance has essentially been re-written. This product is designed to solve the challenge of deploying surveillance systems in austere environments. With its groundbreaking surveillance solution, SentryPODS® is rapidly expanding across the USA in multiple market segments.

Unlike regular surveillance solutions that depend on third-party sources for data, SentryPODS® is completely wireless, autonomous, and can be installed in the middle of nowhere with little or no maintenance at all. In a lot of cases, time is of the essence so the unique RAS (Rapid Attachment System) allows SentryPODS' camera to be installed within 3-5 minute. The pre-configured military-grade wireless cameras are designed to provide autonomous video surveillance of any area.

As a unified surveillance platform, speed and mobility are two essential factors that define the functionality and level of solution embedded in SentryPODS®. The pre-configured system comes online and users may never need to physically manage them ever again, considering their ruggedness and integrated 12-hour capacity battery. As an add-on service, SentryPODS offers a remote services program that allows remote, live-human intelligence to monitor and validate events as they happen.

From remotely accessing the internal interfaces of the installation to viewing the videos remotely, the platform is designed to make surveillance easier than ever before. Additionally, the system flawlessly connects over WiFi, cellular, and satellite. SentryPODS® are designed to protect against the elements so that they can last through severe weather conditions.

This solution provides a virtual presence to remote locations. SentryPODS finds direct applications for the military/DoD, border protection/perimeter security, public safety, critical infrastructure, construction facilities, and the oil & gas industry.

Right from inception in 2013, SentryPODS® is positioned not just to improve surveillance solutions, but also to disrupt the surveillance industry on a global scale. It has raised the standard by eliminating the dependency of cables and providing a one-of-a-kind solution for establishing surveillance in remote locations.

Over the years, SentryPODS® has attained national recognition and has provided protection service to a statehouse. It can provide an extra layer of security where visibility is necessary as an event unfolds or just about any place where there is a critical infrastructure.

About SentryPODS®

Sentry PODS are a turn-key surveillance platform that solves many issues where remote security is necessary. SentryPODS is a (SDVOSB) Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business specializing in designing and producing Rapidly Deployable Portable Surveillance (PODS). These units have an internal CDMA/LTE modem and battery backup for power redundancy and internal memory for edge recording. Made up of former military operators and engineers, the staff members of SentryPODS use their tactical background and experience to protect people and properties. Learn more about SentryPODS' services, capabilities, and leasing options.

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