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Urtasker.com, a leading marketing agency was a passion and focus on Amazon marketing, is helping direct to consumer brands find success and scalability. Bolstering ad spend on Amazon may have started as a pandemic driven strategy, however, it has now become more systemic to the landscape of how brands not only survive, but how they can thrive, post-pandemic.

With the shift in consumer behavior clearly demonstrating a preference to shop at home, the movement of DTC brands migration to popular platforms, such as Amazon, is essential to continued growth, profitability and sustainability.

Many brands are already doubling, tripling or in the case of DTC brand Poppi, increasing ad spend 500%. This rapid shift in ad-spend is not unique and leading DTC brands report not only ad-spend increases, but success metrics that are not as obtainable without this investment. To unlock Amazon's marketing tools, including access to DSP, sellers must be part of Vendor Central, have their brands registered via Amazon Brand Registry, or be part of Seller Central and receive an invite to Vendor Central.  

The pandemic may be the catalyst to marketplace adoption, but there are other factors propelling the continuation of shoppers preferring Amazon. From trust, to convenience, over 95 million people invest in Amazon Prime memberships, each spending $1,400 on average annually, the growth is poised to continue.

Small to mid-size businesses are selling 4,000 products per minute and the ability to scale into this thrust and seismic commerce environment has DTC brands not deciding if they should allocate spend, but rather how much and how fast. Omer Riaz, CEO of Urtasker.com, shared these thoughts:

"DTC brands can find a plethora of opportunity and potential, often with rapid growth and scalability, but this all starts with proper strategy and customized marketing plans. Our team of experts offers a free consultation wherein we truly look to understand the goals, KPIs and growth trajectory, as well as the value propositions and vertical trajectory, for each of our potential clients. From there our specialists will offer strategic, actionable plans that will provide a methodical roadmap for transitioning successfully on to the marketplace. From Amazon listing optimization and Amazon Advertising to managing Demand Side Platform advertising, we partner in the success of our clients and help them to outperform and garner valuable impression share."

Migrating to a platform like Amazon takes more than a decision, it takes a proven, knowledgeable team. That's where Urtasker.com comes in.

Urtasker invites businesses to transition their DTC business model and harness the scalability and breadth of opportunities on Amazon. Request a free consultation with Urtasker marketing experts today.

Urtasker delivers results. Founded in 2015, we have offered specialized digital marketing services, created and developed strategies for growth via specialized, marketing agency services for e-commerce businesses, worldwide on Amazon, Walmart and other platforms. Visit Urtasker.com or call (631) 993-8899.


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