UroViu Launches Uro-GHD, a New High-Definition Sterile Single-Use Cystoscope

The Uro-GHD features a 1280x720 pixel sensor, a first in portable, single-use endoscopy.


UroViu Corp (www.uroviu.com) has launched the new Uro-GHD, a sterile, single-use cystoscope compatible with UroViu's Always Ready endoscopy platform. The Uro-GHD features a 1280x720 pixel sensor, a first in portable, single-use endoscopy. The new cystoscope also features an improved, softer, and more flexible cannula with a tapered tip for improved patient comfort. 

"The image quality improvement seen with UroViu GHD makes it on par with current state-of-the-art digital cystoscopes for bladder cancer surveillance," said Dr. Joseph Liao with Stanford University School of Medicine.

A recent user survey shows that enhanced maneuverability combined with superior optics and updated HD sensor allows physicians to perform bladder cancer surveillance, stent removals, and other diagnostic procedures easily and efficiently. UroViu's Always Ready endoscopy platform consists of a reusable, self-contained, highly portable handle and a suite of four procedure-optimized, single-use cystoscopes. 

"The Uro-GHD is the result of extensive research and collaboration with market stakeholders and physician experts. The evolution of our portfolio of products reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing the unmet needs of healthcare professionals and elevating the standard of care," said Bruce OuYang, UroViu's Founder and CEO. "We are confident that this product launch will not only enhance our position in the Urology and UroGynecology market but encourage the healthcare market to accelerate the switch to sterile, single-use endoscopy." 

UroViu will unveil the Uro-GHD at the American Urological Association (AUA) 2023 Annual Meeting from April 28 to May 1 in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place. AUA serves over 23,000 members globally in urological care.

The UroViu team will be providing hands-on demonstrations of the Uro-GHD and the Always Ready platform in Booth #445 at the AUA exhibit, which will then be available to order starting May 15, 2023.

UroViu is continuing to introduce the latest advancements in patient care and is committed to developing additional innovation in single-use endoscopy for applications in urology, urogynecology, and gynecology. The Uro-GHD is the latest of numerous advances in UroViu's drive for excellence in technology for urology. Visit: https://www.uroviu.com for more information.

 About UroViu

UroViu Corporation's mission is to revolutionize the cystoscopy and hysteroscopy platform for improved patient care and efficiency and has operations in California and Washington and production facilities in Asia. UroViu is the developer of the always-ready cystoscopy and hysteroscopy platform, the most portable, self-contained, and versatile single-use endoscopy solution on the market. The intuitive portable platform and product suite are protected by a portfolio of 30 granted and numerous pending patents. UroViu's vision is to simplify the scope of patient care.

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Source: UroViu Corp

About UroViu Corp

UroViu is the developer of the always-ready cystoscopy & hysteroscopy platforms, the highly portable, self-contained, and versatile single-use endoscopy solution to meet the needs of Urologists, UroGynecologists, and Gynecologists.

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