Urgent Call for Love-Related Treatment Volunteers

Generic Diamond needs volunteers to participate to the first clinical study dedicated to love diseases.

For the first time in history, Generic Diamond has developed a cure for what’s affecting billions of people worldwide: love sickness. “This disease is the world’s most common and oldest disease and it’s now time to take action”, explains Nicolas Chretien, Principal Scientist and CEO. The company needs the help of volunteers to spread the antidote that will put a final end to broken relationships around the world.

“Surprisingly, we have serious difficulty recruiting couple volunteers to participate to our first clinical study and we have decided to make an urgent call to the international community” add the scientist. “Without volunteers, we cannot run our research program successfully and accomplish our mission”.

Spread the love by supporting the first clinical study dedicated to love diseases on Generic Diamond Indiegogo webpage. With this revolutionary treatments, Generic Diamond can treat and cure diseases such as love tension headaches and migraines, love emergencies, love vitamin deficiencies, love inflammations or fractures, love dependencies and addictions.

Generic Diamond will reward those who’ll help achieve greater success towards love health with many perks to enjoy - among them exclusive discounts and special diamond treatment at 0.10 carat -. 

Generic Diamond needs your help to spread the word that love is on its way. Act now by supporting Generic Diamond campaign.​


Based in Singapore, one of the fastest-growing biomedical sciences research and drug discovery center in the world, Generic Diamond is dedicated to the discovery, development, manufacture and marketing of diamond therapies to improve the quality of people’s life.

To know more about Generic Diamond, please visit the company website www.genericdiamond.com and have a look at our Indiegogo campaign.


Email: press@genericdiamond.com
Website: www.genericdiamond.com

Facebook: facebook/genericdiamond

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Based in Singapore, Generic Diamond is the world's leading diamond therapies company.

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