UrbanWoods' New Book 'Nana Joanna's Wise Old New Tales' is an Endearing Collection of Poems and Short Stories to Delight the Younger Generation

Fulton Books author Rick Urban, a retired firefighter and paramedic, a notable fiction writer, and Joan Wood, a former director of the Department of Children's Television for the National Geographic Society, a recognized storyteller, a loving grandma, have completed their most recent book "Nana Joanna's Wise Old New Tales": a lovely read filled with timeless wisdom that both the older and new generation will enjoy. It contains 10 proverbs with corresponding poems and stories. The goal of this work is to help everyone reflect on themselves. It also introduces the beauty of creative writing to children.

UrbanWoods shares, "In our book, Nana Joanna's Wise Old New Tales, we had tried to recapture a gentler time when parents took advantage of opportunities to read poems and stories with their children. The ten original poems and stories are wrapped around 'old time' proverbs such as 'Every cloud has a silver lining,' 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and 'Too many cooks spoil the broth.' These timeless sayings are still popular and have important messages even today, for both young and old alike.

"The poems are in 'kid speak' and contain subjects young readers can identify with. Each poem has a corresponding short story that emphasizes and illustrates the meaning behind the proverb. Each story is set in a different surrounding and with a different plot, which keeps it fresh and interesting.

"Poetry encourages children to play and learn about language and words. The rhyming verses of these poems highlight the fun and playfulness of language while at the same time offering an easy-to-understand theme within the wordplay. The short stories that follow each poem provide an additional opportunity for the child and parent to read about and discuss the meanings of 'two heads are better than one' or how 'the pen is mightier than the sword.' Simply put, these are age-old sayings brought into the twenty-first century. We hope you enjoy them."

Published by Fulton Books, UrbanWoods' book is a contemporary approach to the timeless proverbs that one can surely count on.

This short read is perfect for a family's bonding moment. 

"Nana Joanna's Wise Old New Tales is marvelous! A delightful book of wisdom for kids of all ages." - J. Philip Miller. Author, teacher, and grandfather. Master's degree of education, Harvard University. Emmy Award producer of children's television.

"The book is an absolute gem. I just reread chapter one and it is a masterpiece of poetry. Then, realistic thoughts and worries, followed by the redemptive ending we all hope for but don't always get. All this in the comfort of a bedtime setting in which the listener to the story can absorb life's important truths. Wow! And that is only chapter one. Stunningly original."- Frank Lyman, Ph.D., teacher and educational innovator.

Readers who wish to experience this heartwarming work can purchase "Nana Joanna's Wise Old New Tales" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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