Urban Redevelopment - the Redefined Approach

The people at ReTown go with underdevelopment planning to revitalize towns and cities by securing required financing and making the positive investment.

​With global concerns and environmental impacts, real estate builders and architects focus on enhancing the living condition within cities and suburban environments. The increasing growth of population base and the rapid change in demographic trends seem to create a greater demand for housing supply, infrastructure, and facilities - the most important factors which not only contribute to the reduction in continued use of resources but also leave a long-term infrastructural investment for future generations to build upon.

ReTown comes into picture when it comes to comprehensive urban redevelopment. With a dedicated team of real estate planners, investors and builders, they have been working toward the thoughtful revitalization of towns and cities. In the first place, they will identify the investment requirement, phasing, and viability of new development areas, through facility studies.

With a wealth of experience in securing the financing, they have been successfully transformed ideals and designs into reality for years. They would also seek partnership with private sector, government agencies, and educational institutions to invest in the total revitalization of the towns and cities.

They are not only out there to facilitate urban development across the world but also to assist in the funding and implementation of projects. Being in the industry for such a long time, they can understand the trends, needs and interventions required in the arena of urban development for the provision of sufficient and high-quality urban areas and infrastructure either directly or by strengthening other organizations responsible for the same.

With more 100 years of collective experience, they have designed, financed, and built residential, business, and land reclamation developments. Right from land acquisition to properly management, they specialize in all phases of development. The phases typically include site acquisition, entitlement, zoning, financing, construction, and more.

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About the Company:

ReTown is a highly integrated team of real estate planners, investors, and builders dedicated to thoughtful revitalization of towns and cities. The ReTown approach has three phases: ReThink. ReInvest. ReBuild.

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