UPW Pharma/Emerging Technologies 2011 Accepting Abstracts

Abstracts are being accepted for technical papers for ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma/Emerging Technologies 2011, planned for April 12-13. The focus will be on pharmaceutical water and new treatment technologies.

ULTRAPURE WATER journal is accepting abstracts for technical papers on pharmaceutical water treatment and new treatment approaches for ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma/Emerging Technologies 2011, which will be conducted at the DoubleTree Hotel in center city Philadelphia this April 12-13. The session on Tuesday, April 12 will focus on pharmaceutical water, and the Wednesday (April 13) session will be geared toward promising water treatment technologies.

Presentations will be for 30 minutes, and include a short question/answer time. Here are partial lists of potential presentation areas for each session:

Pharmaceutical topics:
1. Updating pharmaceutical water systems
2. Validation of pharmaceutical water facilities
3. Current USP water issues
4. Microbiological control in pharma water systems
5. Rouge
6. Materials of construction concerns in pharma water systems
7. Pretreatment/Source water issues
8. System Sterilization

Emerging Water Treatment Technologies topics:
1. Nanotechnology
2. New applications for existing treatment technologies
3. Microbial detection
4. New instrument/monitoring technologies
5. Improved water reuse technologies
6. Promising research developments
7. Treatment applications for use in less developed nations
8. Energy saving in water treatment
9. Membrane developments

An abstract submittal form is available at http://www.talloaks.com/Expo/PDF/Call%20For%20Papers%20Phila2011.pdf. The form can be filled out and then submitted. Abstracts should be submitted by or before January 20. Abstracts will be subject to a review process that will consider the technical merits of a proposed paper, and ensure that the proposal meets conference criteria for presentations that are non-commercial, technical, and educational in nature.

In addition to technical presentations, ULTRAPURE WATER Pharma/Emerging Technologies will feature tabletop exhibits by leading providers of water treatment products and services.

Separately, ULTRAPURE WATER journal is making plans for its 2011 ULTRAPURE WATER Micro conference that will conducted November 2 and 3, 2011, in Portland, Ore.

More details about the Philadelphia and Portland conferences are available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com, or info@ultrapurewater.com. For questions about technical presentations, contact Mike Henley at 303/745-3890 or mike@ultrapurewater.com. For information about tabletop exhibits, contact Frank Slejko at 303/973-6700, or info@ultrapurewater.com.

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