Uptime.com Launches Unified Availability, Will Attend Web Summit 2023

Uptime.com, a leader in the website monitoring industry, is thrilled to announce a significant transformation with an enhanced identity. Effective immediately, the company will now utilize "Unified Availability" as its primary brand messaging, reflecting its commitment to providing a comprehensive website observability platform to ensure uninterrupted and unified availability monitoring of websites and digital services. 

As a trusted provider of website monitoring solutions for businesses of all sizes, Uptime.com has continuously evolved to meet the dynamic needs of the online landscape. "Uptime.com - Unified Availability" signals the company's focus into a broader spectrum of services beyond traditional uptime monitoring, encompassing a range of mission-critical features required for ensuring websites and services are available. Uptime.com provides key capabilities such as performance optimization, incident management, synthetic monitoring, incident communication, and monitoring vital signals from public and private clouds to on-premise endpoints. 

"In today's digital landscape, customers access services from across the globe, running in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Website and service availability monitoring has never been more crucial,” says Uptime.com CEO, Jonathan Franconi. He adds, “Uptime.com - Unified Availability establishes the gold standard for monitoring, guaranteeing comprehensive geographic monitoring of every critical website and its dependencies, all from a single unified platform." 

Uptime.com Unified Availability brings together key product capabilities to enable customers to utilize a single platform that provides: 

  • Comprehensive Monitoring Services: Uptime.com Unified Availability offers a suite of monitoring services, ensuring a 360-degree approach to availability, performance, and experience monitoring. This allows customers to consolidate tools into a single platform to not only save costs but also to simplify their dependencies. 
  • Enhanced Features: The company will continue to provide advanced monitoring features to meet the evolving requirements of customers. These include Website Monitoring, Synthetic Monitoring, API Monitoring, Incident Management & Performance Monitoring for Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds. 
  • Seamless Integration: Uptime.com provides seamless integration with various services, providing advanced data integrations. 
  • Award-Winning Customer Support - Now 24/7/365: Uptime.com will continue to show the company's commitment to providing top-tier customer support, announcing 24/7/365 support and ensuring customers always have access to the best troubleshooting and support experts. Websites never sleep, and neither does Uptime! 

Additionally, Uptime.com is excited to announce its attendance at Web Summit, one of the world's largest technology conferences, to take place in Lisbon, Portugal. As a Web Summit partner, Uptime.com will actively participate in the event, showcasing its commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the technology and digital service sectors. 

“I am looking forward to meeting our current and future customers at Web Summit. We're always keen to learn about new challenges and showcase the breadth of capabilities that our talented engineering team has built into the product. We're excited to share our enhanced vision about the future of availability monitoring.” - Oleksii Solianik, VP of Engineering and Platform Architecture. 

The transition to Uptime.com - Unified Availability and the attendance at Web Summit signifies an exciting chapter in the company's journey. Existing customers can expect a seamless transition with access to enhanced features and services, while new customers can explore the broadened offerings available under the new brand. 

To learn more about Uptime.com and its innovative website monitoring solutions, please visit the company's official website at www.uptime.com

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Uptime.com, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, is the world's leading website monitoring service. Since its inception, Uptime.com has been committed to providing businesses with comprehensive monitoring solutions that ensure website reliability and enhance user experience. Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, Uptime.com offers innovative tools and features that empower businesses to maximize their website's performance and uptime.

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Uptime.com provides peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft and BNP Paribas, who trust the company to monitor the performance, health and downtime of their websites.

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