Uptime.com Introduces Enhanced E-Commerce Store Monitoring and Launches Affiliate Program

Uptime.com, a leader in website monitoring, is proud to announce enhanced features that enhance e-commerce store performance and availability for Shopify and other e-commerce sites. Additionally, Uptime.com is launching a new Affiliate Program to empower individuals and businesses to promote these innovative solutions and earn attractive commissions.

Ensure Seamless E-Commerce Sales With Uptime.com's Real-Time Monitoring

Shopify, with over 100 million active users, is the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide. However, any downtime or issues preventing successful checkouts can result in significant sales losses. Uptime.com’s new real-time monitoring for Shopify and other major e-commerce platforms provides an essential solution to this problem.

By continuously monitoring these online stores, Uptime.com ensures you receive instant notifications the moment your shop experiences any downtime or issues. This allows you to take swift action to resolve problems, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Uptime.com’s award-winning website monitoring tools can promptly alert your team to incidents on these online stores preventing customers from adding items to their carts. This ensures quick communication with customers about outages and enhances global accessibility with coverage from 85+ locations across six continents. Try Uptime.com for free at uptime.com/shopify.

Improve Your RevOps by Joining the Uptime.com Affiliate Program 

In addition to our Shopify store monitoring, Uptime.com is excited to launch the new Affiliate Program. This program invites individuals and businesses passionate about website performance and uptime to partner with Uptime.com, offering innovative solutions while earning competitive commissions.

Ideal for audiences interested in website performance and availability, the Uptime.com Affiliate Program is also a great fit for businesses offering complementary services such as web hosting, web development or digital marketing. Affiliates benefit from competitive commission structures, comprehensive marketing materials and dedicated support to maximize their success. 

Partnering as an affiliate can significantly improve Revenue Operations (RevOps) by expanded reach and lead generation. This program will give any individual or business the opportunity to tap into the global market in over 35 countries and two million users, driving revenue growth.  

I am super excited to announce our Affiliate and Partner Program. We have always been committed to empowering businesses with the tools they need to ensure optimal website performance and uptime 24/7/365. Our new Affiliate Program is an exciting step forward, enabling us to partner with passionate individuals, businesses and organizations around the world who share our vision that no website, service, API or critical business transaction should go un-monitored. Our affiliates not only gain access to innovative solutions and competitive commissions but also become part of our global community dedicated to excellence in web performance, operations and incident management. We believe this synergy will drive remarkable growth and success for all our partners,” said Jonathan Franconi, CEO and Head of Product.

To join the Uptime.com Affiliate Program and start earning commissions while helping businesses maintain optimal uptime, visit https://uptime.com/affiliate.

Source: Uptime.com

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