Uptime.com Gives an Insider's Glimpse Into Industry-Leading Incident Management Strategies

A deep look into outage scenarios showcases the importance of both incident management and incident preparedness during downtime

Uptime.com Gives an Insider's Glimpse Into Industry-Leading Incident Management Strategies

​​​​​​An exclusive story from Uptime.com walks through downtime scenarios, highlighting how thinking fast under pressure prevents real downtime that costs businesses millions in lost revenue. The secret sauce to high-quality incident management? According to Uptime.com, the solution is a cohesive team working through their designated roles in a controlled environment.

Team members are assigned unique roles during downtime, each providing its own wealth of insights and perspective. The team members rotate those roles throughout different outages, giving the entire team a chance at the helm as a decision-maker of a potential crisis situation. 

“For long incidents, you'll need to rotate these roles every hour or two, so that people can take breaks and you can get a fresh pair of eyes. But for your first incident, an hour is plenty,” says Uptime.com SRE expert John Arundel.

As systems become more sophisticated through increased reliability and automation, the less frequently real incidents occur. It's precisely for this reason that hands-on incident management training is essential. These stress-inducing “Game Day” exercises help to prepare the team to overcome the pressure of incident management so that when the real thing happens, they can focus on minimizing the downtime. 

Arundel urges companies to undertake their own game-day scenarios, citing that “even though modern aircraft can essentially fly themselves, the pilots still make regular manual landings and take-offs and practice emergency procedures in the simulator. This is the best way to keep your skills sharp and your knowledge up to date.”

Game-day simulations place real pressure on an incident management team and help to clarify the decision-making process. Conducting these game-day exercises helps test teams, systems, and procedures in a safe environment. The lessons learned in the process build confidence, which in turn helps prevent real downtime. “It’s like testing to destruction, only without the destruction. You can screw up and no one dies. But when you screw up, you can figure out what you did wrong and do better next time,” adds Arundel.

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