Uptime.com Breaks Down the Biggest DevOps Conferences by Quarter for 2020

Whether it's about upping skills, networking with professionals, or hearing talks from some of the brightest minds in DevOps, Uptime.com's Guide to 2020 DevOps Conferences provides a roadmap of the year's biggest events.

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​​As DevOps continues to evolve and networks grow in scale, Uptime.com wants to help SREs at the forefront of their industry to navigate the events happening worldwide in 2020 with their Guide to 2020 DevOps Conferences. The DevOps community hosts a variety of events each quarter, ranging from academic to practical and appealing to all levels in between. These events provide opportunities to learn, network, and seek certification opportunities for attendees looking to stay up to date on the best practices and latest trends in their specialty.

According to John Arundel, Uptime.com's resident site reliability expert, "Not all conferences are created equal. Some are thinly veiled trade shows where vendors simply pitch their products, and you don't learn anything you couldn't have gotten from their website. But the best conferences genuinely deliver value for attendees with informative and fascinating speakers, and you leave with a ton of notes, ideas, and new discoveries to follow up on."

Covering a wide spectrum of niches and specialties, the conferences can span several days over multiple locations. In an effort to spread DevOps awareness and knowledge, Uptime.com has compiled an easy-to-follow guide to some of the biggest and most reputable DevOps conferences in 2020, broken down by quarter:

Q1 DevOps Conferences:

Q2 DevOps Conferences:

Q3 DevOps Conferences:

Q4 DevOps Conferences:

For the complete guide featuring a complete list of all DevOps events and details on each event, including multi-day DevOps conferences not listed here, visit: https://uptime.com/blog/devops-conferences-2020.

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