Upside Learning's Upcoming Webinar to Explain All About 'Responsive LMS'

Upside Learning will discuss all about Responsive LMS, in its upcoming webinar, titled 'Responsive LMS: All about Selection and Implementation' scheduled on 12th and 13th August.

Learning anywhere, anytime on any device has become a norm today. With more and more organisations adopting multi-device eLearning, the platform for delivery has undergone a radical transformation. Based on the concept of responsive design (RWD), a Responsive LMS delivers a consistent learning experience across all devices, allowing learners to access the learning materials on-the-go, on the device of their choice.

However, being relatively new, there's a lot to be understood about the components, selection and implementation process of a Responsive LMS.

To help organisations in understanding and making the right buying decision, Upside Learning will present a free webinar, titled Responsive LMS: All about Selection and Implementation. UpsideLMS core team members - Amar Pawar - Product Manager and Dhaval Trivedi - Solutions Manager will present the 1 hour engaging session. The webinar will be held on 12th of August at 10.00 AM IST (02:30PM AEST) and again on 13th of August at 7:30 PM IST (03:00 PM BST, 10:00 AM EDT).

Key takeaways:

·         Why Responsive LMS?

·         Key Components of a Responsive LMS

·         How to Select and Implement a Responsive LMS

Aimed to answer many questions related to the Responsive LMS, the webinar caters to all L&D professionals and also to organisations using or planning to buy an LMS.

Registrations for the webinar are now open.

August 13| 03:00 PM BST (10:00 AM EDT) Register Now