Uproov - New Australian App Proves Photos, Video as Genuine

Leading Australian Blockchain Commercialization Company, Ledger Assets has just released its latest App Uproov, which is sure to turn the world of on-line photos and videos on its head. The world first App (pronounced "You Prove") now allows anyone with a smartphone to instantly prove any photo, video, audio or document.

Leading Australian Blockchain Commercialization Company, Ledger Assets has just released its latest App Uproov, which is sure to turn the world of on-line photos and videos on its head. The world first App (pronounced "You Prove") now allows anyone with a smartphone to instantly prove any photo, video, audio or document.

Bringing a whole new level of security to your fingertips via your smartphone, Uproov allows data, images, audio and events to be locked, in their original state, forever into history, thanks to blockchain technology.

The blockchain, described recently by the Economist Magazine as a ‘Trust Machine’, is Uproov’s big breakthrough as it creates indisputable proof, previously the domain of law enforcement, private investigators and lawyers. The uses this technology can be applied to are endless. For example:

  • Prove pre-existing damage on a rental car, ride share, hire equipment or Airbnb property. Just click a picture or video which is time stamped and locked into the blockchain, protecting you against any unwarranted claims. No need to even upload the image
  • Transparent logistics. Prove your goods were delivered at a certain, time, location and condition.
  • Great for cleaning companies proving before and after service.
  • Quickly take pictures of your valuables or property damage in case you need to make an insurance claim. Now indisputable.
  • Prove your photo or request someone else’s genuine un-edited Uproov photo on a dating site.
  • Prove the condition of an item you are selling on eBay or Alibaba, or request a photo from a seller.
  • Photograph someone being somewhere where they shouldn’t be.
  • Spotted a rare bird, caught a huge fish or even seen a UFO? The time stamp and optional geo location will boost your photo and video claims immeasurably.
  • Basically any photo ,video or audio recording required for evidence should be taken with Uproov.

This ground breaking technology, the Company’s lawyers say, mean it will be very difficult to argue against a Uproov photo or video, as an encryption key is permanently time-stamped instantly into the blockchain making it unchangeable and the perfect court evidence if need be. Just the threat of a Uproov image could end a potential dispute without the need for legal action.

Recordings taken through the Uproov App are tamper-proof and therefore any change to even one pixel or byte renders the recording invalid. This means that for the first time you really can be sure that an image or video recording actually is true – unedited - and completely original.

Uproov also allows the mobile notarizing of any document on your smartphone such as a will, confidentiality agreement or other legal documents. Any video that was uprooved can’t lie. Can’t have bits missing and can’t be edited. Imagine confidentiality agreements being time stamped to the nearest second.

Using Uproov now automatically creates instant Copyright of your art, document or creation allowing you to license or trade it using its digital address and private key.

Loaded with optional features, you simply set what you want stamped on your images as they are created. These include the time to the nearest second, your exact present Geo co-ordinates or watermark to stop replication of the image. You can even prove your exact location, at an exact instant in time with a photo or video.

Uploading of the media files is optional, making it super-fast and easy to use. Handy when you are roaming. The encryption key created is automatically uploaded instantly in the background and so the hard proof is always there whether you upload the image or not.

Each Uprooved file comes with a 5 character Ezy-ID which allows for fast sharing and referencing. Share a verified photo with a friend at the touch of a button straight from your phone. When using the upload and storage service, there is the additional feature of public or private viewing on the companies secure Swiss servers.

One of its most powerful features allows viewers to distinguish between images taken in real-time and pre-existing images. Using a Green Ezy-ID for real-time and a Red one if the image is pre- existing, gives the image an immediate and visible “trust level”.

Although Uproov is bound to become a notary's dream tool, the creators see its largest use in the hands of the general public, empowering those who need to prove something as definitively true in a way that was not possible before. The service can also be used to add credibility to televised news and events, YouTube videos and official media releases.

As the blockchain is open and distributed, meaning it has no controlling or central authority there is no need to rely on a third party’s servers. The ability to check and validate media created with Uproov is always available even if Uproov is not.

A leading reviewer (BraveNewCoin) recently reviewed Uproov against some of the other related Apps and said it was “easily the most advanced of all the time-stamping applications” and “Uproov may turn out to be the most useful blockchain application of them all since there is no limit to the situations you can find yourself in needing to prove something.”

The company reported excellent early take up and feedback from users including numerous enterprises. The app is available for iOS iPhones and iPads and the Android version is set to be released before Christmas.

There is a free or Pro version, which has more extensive uses and available features such as ultra-fast blockchain processing and longer videos.

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