Upright Partners With Greenfield Community College to Provide Tech Career Training in Western Massachusetts

Upright Education and Greenfield Community College are partnering to provide award-winning career enhancement programs in technology in Western Massachusetts and beyond

GCC Bootcamp Student

Upright Education and Greenfield Community College are partnering to provide award-winning career enhancement programs in technology in Western Massachusetts and beyond. 

The new partnership is being provided through GCC's Workforce Development Office and will give learners a unique chance to participate in bootcamps that help them quickly learn marketable skills in technology, including software development and User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design. Participants will be able to attend the programs virtually and can complete them in as few as 10 weeks. 

With Upright's national partner network and suite of curriculum offerings and GCC's access to the area's working population and robust higher education system, this partnership will significantly augment efforts to develop the technology workforce in the region.

"We're very excited to have GCC partner with Upright to provide top-rate, intensive software development training and UI/UX design. Such skills and industry-recognized certifications are in high demand and are an ideal path for self-employment right at home. Together, we are working to ensure the people in our region are career-ready, helping to make Greenfield and surrounding areas a hub for technology career training," GCC's Interim President Richard Hopper said.

All courses are fully accessible to online participants and offered with a variety of pricing models. For more information on available Upright offerings, visit bootcamp.gcc.mass.edu, and there are two information sessions anyone can attend: one on Feb. 16 and another on March 9.  

In the past decade, the technology sector in the Pioneer Valley has grown steadily, with new startups and nonprofits working to accelerate the technology workforce emerging or moving into the market on a consistent basis. Upright has a proven track record of developing growing tech workforces in emerging markets like Western Massachusetts.

Upright's network now includes 19 participating campuses and five dedicated education partners across an array of formative tech hubs like Southern Middle Tennessee and Northern Vermont. In areas like these, Upright expects its award-winning career enhancement vehicles in software development and UX/UI Design to maintain and improve upon the 91 percent career placement rate that has distinguished the company as an institution leading efforts toward social mobility.

"We are thrilled to partner with GCC to support their workforce development program with our bootcamps in Software Development and UX/UI Design," said Benny Boas, CEO of Upright Education. "Massachusetts has seen record job growth in the tech industry. Through our partnership, we will be able to help GCC continue to turn out highly skilled workers in a fast-changing higher education landscape, with new demands for workforce development training."

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