Upright Education Partners With SUNY Clinton Community College to Offer Fast-Track Technology Career Enhancement Pathways

Upright Education is pleased to announce its first partnership with a college in the State University of New York system (SUNY), Clinton Community College, located in Plattsburgh, New York. Upright's complete curriculum of full- and part-time bootcamps and individual courses will be available online to Clinton enrollees.

Clinton CC already offers a varied hybrid workforce development curriculum, including courses on information security, business technology, and emerging technologies. Workforce development is a key initiative of the SUNY system in general, where 1.9 million dollars in grant funding per year goes to various job training programs. Partnerships with institutions like SUNY colleges are essential to Upright's mission to make skilled labor training available to all working adults.

"Upright's trainings in software development or user experience/interface design are offered as a complete package for anyone who would like to change their career or enhance it in technology industries. One can start with no experience, go through the program at an accelerated pace, and after 3 or 6 months land a well-paying job with the help of Upright's career services," said Anna Miarka-Grzelak, Dean of Enrollment Management at Clinton CC. "That's exactly the type of opportunity that we want our students to have." 

Upright's partnership with Clinton will expand the organization's presence in New York State, where the tech sector continues to rank among the top states in the country for job creation and local job placement. Much of this employment density is concentrated in or near New York City. Upright's courses, which are nationally ranked and designed to be accessible to learners of all levels of education and career experience, will play a major role in bringing the resources of New York's tech sector to working adults across New York State's diverse socioeconomic landscape. Upright's partnerships have already contributed to the growth of the tech workforce in emerging industry hubs like greater New England and Central Tennessee.

"There has never been a better time to enter a high-skilled profession. Companies are struggling with talent shortages and tech salaries remain high while other parts of the market seem to be cooling off," said Upright Education CEO, Benny Boas. "Clinton Community College coding and design bootcamps offer the perfect opportunity for adults looking to make a switch to one of these high-paying jobs."

Upright continues to offer its introductory Career Ignition programs and its immersive Career Bootcamps in synchronous settings, allowing collaboration with peers and hands-on attention from live instructors. Financing and scheduling options vary and can be selected to fit the needs and dependencies of every adult learner. Upright is pleased to be bringing its award-winning curriculum and its 91% success rate to the table and developing the workforce of Plattsburgh, New York and the burgeoning economy beyond.

Clinton and Upright Education are hosting a Bootcamp Info Session on Wednesday, August 31, to discuss upcoming courses and meet prospective students. The live webinar will take place remotely at 8:00 p.m. EST. Interested participants can register online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clinton-community-college-bootcamp-info-session-tickets-406522548887

To learn more about Clinton Bootcamps and Ignition Courses and to apply, visit: bootcamp.clinton.edu

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Source: Upright Education