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In this digital life, being up to date on the latest technologies can be quite expensive. At ZiliconDigital we believe that people and in this case our customers deserve more for their money in this digital era.

Computers, ipads, video devices, software, and many more new products are coming to the market faster than our wallets are filled up. And let's be honest, the true is that 90% of us we really want to have that ipod4, we want that 24" LED screen for our computer, or we want that 1GB HD video card to play those heart-pounding FPS online game.
But the true still is that it is expensive. And let's face it, many of us we don't really have enough money to spent on a cool-looking computer and let's face it every day many new devices, processors and computer parts will reach the market. And yes! We will have to spend again some few bucks to stay ahead and keep our daily life normally.
Some of us we are not gamers, and we know nothing about computing. So what we do is that we go to that expensive store to pick the computer "we believe" is going to make our lives easier. And there we are spending 1000 bucks for something that we are not going to use at all, or a cheap computer with no enough power to do our job. So what's the point on doing that? We definitely need to know what we are buying and be aware of those organizations that are just doing "very nice marketing" selling us products that we are not really going to use or that are not enough in power for what we are going to use them.
Computers and computers accessories are the #1 products that are sold in the market nowdays, and many people around the globe need assistance when buying new computers and accessories. But very few organizations and companies actually help people to optimize their money on their products. At ZiliconDigital we believe that people and in this case our customers deserve more for their money in this digital era. So we are a small business looking to solve those headache problems many people around the globe face nowdays. We sell a wide broad of computer parts like many other websites. But we offer a different treatment to our customers. We help them making their best purchase. We ask them what are they looking for. For what applications they are going to use their new computer or accessories. So they can make more with less. We make sure they have their products just in time, and we offer guidance through their installation untill they are 100% satisfied. And the best part, the guidance and assistance is for free. That's right, we offer all the assistance you need at no cost. Just e-mail us at ziliconservice@zilicondigital.com and we will help you get something you really deserve.

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