UPDATE - Vancouver Incubator Bringing a Global Startup Education to Entrepreneurs Around the World

VANCOUVER, BC - When someone with an idea wants to become an entrepreneur where do they go? Spring Activator is launching Spring University to provide globally sourced education that gives equal access and opportunity to those starting up whether they're in Tokyo, Japan, or Whitehorse, Canada. The program fills the gap that entrepreneurs in communities face when deciding whether to move to a larger startup hub for more opportunity, or to start up at home. Spring has acquired Kick Incubator as a part of the launch, resulting in a combined 300+ alumni network and 30+ campus locations around the world.

"Individuals, no matter where they're from, all have the same potential to create change whether in THEIR world or THE world," says Spring CEO and cofounder Keith Ippel. "Spring University exists because while supporting entrepreneurs in hubs like Vancouver and San Francisco is great, we'll change the world by making tools, training, and resources available in all communities. Our aim is to foster collaboration between 'global' and 'local' communities while providing a fast track path from idea, through to seed funding."

"I'm extremely excited for Spring to take Kick Incubator to the next level. Spring has been Kick's strongest partner to date and I believe that with Spring U, they will be the go-to launch resource for social entrepreneurs starting up anywhere in the world," says Michael "Luni" Libes, Founder of Kick. "The world is ripe for change. Spring is making a world class entrepreneurship education more accessible for the people that need it most, providing them with the tools they need to make their own impact on the world and filling a huge gap in the ecosystem."

Spring University will launch with four primary courses: INSPIRE, LAUNCH, GROW, and FUNDING. Each course incorporates a mix of one-on-one mentorship, best practices built on the current experience of active entrepreneurs, and guest speakers. Past speakers have included executives from Hootsuite, Foodee, Unbounce, and Version One Ventures. Remote communities will be able to participate in real time with sessions and are fully incorporated into each cohort.

"I've gone through Spring's programming as part of their first virtual cohort, and am now a facilitator for their Yukon branch. Even though the internet is more prolific than ever, the opportunity gap between starting up in somewhere like San Francisco vs starting up in Whitehorse, Yukon is astounding," says Andrew Kalek, Founder of Yukonstruct and Spring University Facilitator. "Having Spring take on this issue successfully is amazing, entrepreneurs here now have resources and connections that wouldn't be accessible otherwise."

Spring University's next round of courses begin in April, with a full global roll-out slated for Summer 2016. Applications are open now, check out their course list here for more details: SpringU.is

About Spring Activator
Spring empowers early entrepreneurs operating at the intersection of impact and tech to launch, grow, and change the world. Spring knows that starting a business and trying to change the world for the better is not an easy thing, their goal is to help entrepreneurs maximize their chances of success, avoid common mistakes, and have an easier journey to starting a successful venture. Spring University was launched to address a need for an accessible and comprehensive startup education for entrepreneurs everywhere. We believe that everyone has the potential to create positive impact, whether that's in your world or THE world.

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Spring is a Purpose Drive Activator.  We Help Early-Entrepreneurs to Launch, Grow, and Change the World.  Startup wherever you are!

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