UPDATE: Genki Forest, Asia's Fastest Growing Sparkling Water Brand, Makes a Splash With the US Launch of New Exotic Asian-Inspired Flavors

With zero sugar, zero calories and vibrant sweetness, Genki Forest's sparkling water is the perfect alternative to sugary soda, offering delicious Asia-inspired flavors in 330ml cans

 Genki Forest, Asia's fastest growing beverage brand with over 1,000,000,000 cans and bottles sold globally, has released Genki Forest sparkling water in a new and convenient 330ml can on the US market. With zero calories and zero sugar, Genki Forest shakes up the sparkling water category by delivering sweet, full-bodied and exotic flavors that set a new standard for guilt-free refreshment. The authentic Asian-inspired flavors meet evolving consumer demands for compelling sparkling water options and global taste experiences.

No ordinary sparkling water, Genki Forest's cans shine with delicious, bright and refreshing flavors that include Lychee Fizzy, White Strawberry & Coconut, White Peach, Grape Delight, Green Apple, Calamansi Lime, Bamboo & Aloe, Cucumber Twist, Cactus & Lime, Plum Passion and Yogurt Refresh. The beverages are made for the adventurous consumer craving healthy and flavorful drinks that inspire the spirit, the imagination and extraordinary journeys in bold taste.

"Genki Forest sparkling water offers more fizz, more fun and a variety of flavor and functional benefits tailored to the tastes of younger consumers looking for alternatives to sugary soft drinks," said Bliss Dake, the US General Manager of Genki Forest. "Having gained wide appeal with Gen Z and Millennial consumers in Asia, we're excited about introducing our unique Asian-inspired flavors to the US market and providing sparkling water fans with something new to try. We're already seeing demand firsthand, as mouthwatering and vibrant flavors like Lychee and White Strawberry & Coconut have quickly become fan favorites enticing consumers shopping on our website."

The brand is also introducing sugar free and low-calorie Ran Tea, a real brewed and lightly sweetened RTD oolong tea, that serves up a modern ritual to refresh and recharge. Made with freshly brewed tea from single batch extraction for the highest quality and delicate flavor, Ran Tea is also high in Vitamin C and has 8g of dietary fiber in each bottle. It's available in Original Oolong, Peach Oolong and Strawberry Jasmine Oolong in 16.9 oz PET bottles.

Genki Forest sparkling water and Ran Tea are available online and at select retailers including H Mart, 99 Ranch Market and more.

To learn more about Genki Forest, visit www.drinkgenki.com and follow @GenkiForestUS on Instagram. For sales inquiries, please contact blissdake@genkiholdings.com.

About Genki Forest

Founded in 2016 in Asia, Genki Forest is a disruptive beverage innovator with a digitally-informed consumer-first ethos that specializes in creating better-for-you products. With five self-owned factories and advanced manufacturing capability, the company has sold over 1,000,000,000 cans and bottles globally. Genki Forest has gained strong traction in Asia, appealing to younger consumers with playful flavors and a healthier beverage proposition.

Genki Forest's vision is to serve a global market and build a next generation beverage platform that embraces a customer-first strategy. Within five years, the company has launched a diverse range of popular beverage products including sparkling water, RTD tea, juice, herbal energy drinks, yogurt and other better-for-you product lines. With offices in China, the US, Australia, Japan and South East Asia, Genki Forest's products are sold in over 30 countries and regions. For more information visit www.drinkgenki.com and follow @GenkiForestUS on Instagram.

Contact: Bliss Dake, Genki Forest, blissdake@genkiholdings.com

Source: Genki Forest


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