Upcoming Reolink Launches in Summer 2022: From Doorbell, 16X Zoom Camera to Dual-Lens Series

A complete guide of every Reolink product coming in summer 2022, including what to expect and when to expect it.

Upcoming Reolink Products in 2022

Reolink, a global smart home security solution provider, is ready to offer some exciting cameras in summer 2022, including video doorbells, cameras with superb zoom capacities, and smart home devices, after the launch of several 2K solar security cameras early this year.

To see every Reolink product that's on the horizon, check out Reolink product roadmap 2022 now.

Reolink First-Ever Doorbells

At the top of everyone's wishlist is the long-awaited video doorbell, which is slated for release in June. Reolink is planning to release two versions of its first-ever wired doorbell camera, a PoE and a WiFi one, to fit the needs of most homes.

Featuring 2K+(5MP) image quality and a wide field of view (140° horizontally & 98° vertically), Reolink's doorbells offer a clear and expansive view of a front porch with vivid details.

Even better, Reolink integrates the doorbells into its ecosystem, by making these video doorbells record to their NVRs and cloud.

Reolink 4K PTZ Security Camera with 16X Zoom

Reolink's next flagship PTZ camera RLC-823A 16X (coming in August) is expected to get 16x optical zoom capabilities, a great improvement from the 5x zoom on the first generation of RLC-823A.

Aside from the powerful zoom-in feature, this PTZ camera can differentiate human and vehicle activities from background movements. Even better, this camera allows users to customize automatic tracking when the camera detects objects in motion, such as running people and moving cars.

Reolink Trackmix Dual-Lens Camera Series

After the release of its Duo series in 2021, Reolink plans to debut another twin-lens Trackmix series in September. Each camera comes with two different focal length lenses, offering dual views at the same time.

Also, the Trackmix cameras support pan, tilt, zoom, and auto-tracking, bringing homeowners extra peace of mind with a comprehensive view of their properties.

In addition to the mentioned ones, there are some more devices Reolink has in the pipeline that will hit the market in 2022. This includes a 36-channel NVR and some smart WiFi plugs.

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