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Eagle 16, a relative newcomer to the online news sector is confident it can grab a market share with it's up to the minute World News and wide selection of politics, sports and entertainment features.

Recently launched news portal Eagle16 send a clear message to other online news resources that it can compete with a user friendly website and easy to navigate news, sport and entertainment categories.

Mr Charles Ayoub, Editor in Chief of Eagle16 says,' Although some have said it's a tall order to go into direct competition against the big hitters in online broadcasting we are confident we can bring an extra element that singles us out. Our writers are based all over the world and in many cases are actually part of the community from which they are reporting. You cannot put a price on the value of locally sourced information and we believe this will hold is in good stead for the future. The main advantage this unique set up gives us over other online news providers is that our news is sourced almost directly from source without embellishment or perhaps politically/commercial biased information arising through communication with third party translators.'

The Editor in Chief appears to suggest that Eagle16 have a set up that enables them to publish information that is factually correct instead of relying on a large number of perhaps questionable sources for their take on the latest World News.

Charles Ayoub continues, 'In addition to providing readers with the latest news, sport and entertainment we would also like to be known as a news resource that tells the stories exactly how they are. We also have ambitions for the future and it is not far fetched to suggest that 'Latest World News - Exclusive on Eagle 16' could become a familiar phrase not only to our readership but also the wider online community.'

Charles Ayoub concludes by saying, 'Another thing that perhaps sets us apart from other news providers is our willingness to listen. If any of our readership have a suggestion as to how we can improve or enhance our content we would like to hear from them. The readers are the people that will ultimately influence the direction we move in and their collective opinion will form the basis of our plans for the future.'

Eagle16 (est. 2011) is amongst the leading suppliers of News Portal services to a wide-ranging audience from the UK, Europe, The USA, Asia, Australasia and across the world.


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