First Round of Graduates Completes Accolade Healthcare's Certified Nursing Assistant School

Initial Class

Accolade Healthcare's Certified Nursing Assistant School had its first round of graduates complete the course on Friday, Sept. 16. The classroom located at Accolade Healthcare of Paxton Senior Living, 450 E. Fulton St., hosted eight students for their first class which began on Aug. 1. 

Our instructor, Terri Richards, reports the CNA class will take six weeks to complete. The first four weeks are lectures and lab, and if students successfully pass this portion, then they advance to the clinical phase, which is 10 days long. Once students finish the course, they will go on to take the state examination. 

Accolade Healthcare's goal in opening the CNA School is to combat the staffing shortage by creating an opportunity that is feasible for our Auxiliary Aides to attend. All eight students were from Paxton, IL, and surrounding areas, which meant the school's location assisted in minimizing the cost of travel. Terri comments on the class, "As the coordinator, my goal here is to train these Auxiliary Aides to be the best CNAs to fill the positions in our facilities and hopefully move ahead to other healthcare positions, like nursing or therapy. (The Program) is offered free of charge and students receive a stipend while in class. Next steps are to develop a preceptor program so each new CNA will get off to a good start in their career." 

Terri stated the next session will begin on Oct. 3, and currently, 15 new students are enrolled in the class. Accolade Healthcare is excited to see the Auxiliary Aides moving on to the next level and hopes new students will be interested in this opportunity. 

About Accolade Healthcare

Accolade Healthcare is a healthcare company with six skilled nursing communities and one assisted living facility located across central Illinois. Accolade Healthcare began on Aug. 1, 2017, when two skilled nursing facilities were acquired by the company. Services provided: Skilled Nursing Care, Long-Term Care, Respite Care, Outpatient Therapy, Hospice Services and more to our community members. 

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