TLS Laboratories, Creator of Corner Flash, Announces New Product to Solve Door Pan Flashing: Ready Sill

TLS Laboratories is an expert in forensic window and door testing and leak detection.

TLS Laboratories is bringing its expertise to door pan flashing with a new patented product, Ready Sill, which has been designed to solve a variety of problems experienced with traditional window and door pans.

Gene Summy, founder and owner of TLS Laboratories and inventor of Corner Flash, created Ready Sill after extensive research and testing of different methods for solving door pan flashing problems. Door pans are traditionally fabricated from metal. TLS Laboratories instead developed a waterproof membrane system encased in sheets of plastic that is less expensive, easier to use, and quickly obtained.

Ready Sill products are not sticky on one side of the bituminous membrane, meaning that it will have no compatibility issues with any sealant that may be used. Plus, it avoids the problems that may exist with electrolysis. In addition, Ready Sill fits the opening of a door or window perfectly and, unlike the traditional metal or plastic pans, will not sweat or have problems with water condensation, nor will it crack or twist in the heat.

Leaks under exterior doors have been an ongoing problem for many years. Pocket doors are especially challenging due to their complex shape and large size. Ready Sill was developed for large pocket door systems (Western door products), French door systems, and any type of window system that may be utilized. Toll Brothers is a large home builder in the United States that is already using Ready Sill in its California products.

TLS Laboratories are specialists in identifying difficult homeowner occupied leaks in places like windows, French doors, roofs, walls, decks, and chimneys, among other places. TLS Laboratories has been able to take the lessons learned into the field and help builders build better homes. The lessons learned from defect investigations were used to create the products his company sells. Summy has six U.S. patents with more to come.

Architects and builders have grown to appreciate the products TLS Laboratories have developed because they easily and inexpensively resolve common industry issues. Architects also love the details that Summy’s company has taken the time to draw that show the correct installation sequences for his product lines.

His current clients give him nothing but praise. Scott Simons, owner of Greenovation, said, “My company Greenovation sells and installs windows and doors, and I’ve had a great working relationship with Gene Summy and the TLS Labs crew for more than 15 years. We were introduced by a large home developer that wanted to use the Corner Flash system on recessed window applications. Gene instructed my crew on the correct way to use his corners in conjunction with the flashing products we were currently using. We've been using his product with great success ever since. I will not install recessed windows without using Gene's flashing corners. We have also begun using the TLS Lightning Flash corners for flush set windows. We love the new Ready Sill product he has developed and plan to use it on our projects in the future.”

Simons added, “Gene is incredibly knowledgeable in the areas of leak detection, best practices for a waterproof building envelope, and window and door flashing details. He has become a mentor to me, and I have learned much from him. I believe TLS and Gene have helped me grow from an average window installer to a great window installer. I give Gene and TLS Labs my full recommendation. Do not hesitate to call TLS for your project.”

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TLS Laboratories, a division of Builders Network, Inc., was founded by Gene Summy in 1997. The company provides flashing products and leak investigative services for homeowners and builders. Gene has been an expert witness on many legal jobs since 2000. For more information, visit

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