Unprecedented Access to Health and Wellness Information: Dr. Alan Greene Launches DrGreene.AI to Provide Answers to Parents' Questions

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Dr. Alan Greene, co-founder of The Society for Participatory Medicine, prolific author, and private practice pediatrician for 29 years, is launching DrGreene.AI to provide equal access to on-demand, time-sensitive health information for all. 

For more than 25 years, renowned pediatrician Dr. Greene has been answering questions from parents around the world on his award-winning website, DrGreene.com. Now the combined wisdom of all of those answers is accessible to concerned parents in real-time, using the latest AI technology.

DrGreene.AI uses advanced artificial intelligence, drawing from thousands of questions Dr. Greene has previously addressed at DrGreene.com, in his books, and in his decades of experience working with patients and families. Dr. Greene says, "Parents' questions are important. By thoughtfully answering them, I've been able to help make a profound difference in their children's health and lasting well-being. DrGreene.AI allows me to bring my knowledge and perspective to parents everywhere, at any time. It's a scalable solution that offers every parent access to personalized information about their children's health."

DrGreene.com co-founder Cheryl Greene recounts, "We launched DrGreene.com in 1995 to provide a unique perspective on kids' health — one that is empathetic, respectful of parents and the planet, and rooted in evidence-based, cutting-edge science. That's needed now more than ever. It's exciting to leverage the latest, most powerful AI tech to make an even bigger impact than we have for the past 27 years."

In 2016, the Greenes were two of the co-founders of doc.ai, which was acquired by ShareCare in 2020. In 2017, the Greenes assembled a team of engineers and leading industry advisors to begin the work of making Dr. Greene's pediatric wisdom available in real time around the world via DrGreene.AI. 

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About Dr. Alan Greene — Dr. Alan Greene is a pediatrician in private practice at Crescendo MD in Silicon Valley. He is the author of several books including Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green. He founded DrGreene.com in 1995. In addition to many other awards, it has been cited by the AMA as the pioneer physician website.

About DrGreene.AI - DrGreene.AI is a subsidiary of Greene Ink, Inc. which also holds DrGreene.com.

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