Unpacking Launches Nationwide On-Demand Content as the Leading Anti-Racism Education Platform

Offering extensive content specifically designed for the business world and teens

Unpacking’s anti-racism education began its on-demand content, nationwide, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 9 a.m. PST. The online program includes interactive lessons for professionals, teams, and teens (ages 15-18) who want to strengthen their cultural competency in the collective responsibility to end racism. Over 200 alumni from Unpacking’s numerous team trainings and accelerators have consistently boasted about the engaging content, intentional safe space, and collaborative team-building activities. As word spread about this transformative program, the on-demand and hybrid trainings were created.

Unpacking is named in honor of anti-racist educator Peggy McIntosh’s famed article “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” Published in 1989, the year Unpacking’s founder Kristina Ashley Williams was born, McIntosh outlines a list of 50 examples demonstrating unearned assets awarded to her because of her white privilege. For Williams, the protests of 2020 heightened the urgency to examine why many points on this list still held true. Her vision for Unpacking invites people into a safe learning environment to reflectively address the historical context of systemic racism, present-day analysis, and strategic designs for an anti-racist future.

“As the great-great niece of civil rights icon Jackie Robinson, this work is not just about passion, it is legacy. It is time to take the onus off of Black people and other people of color in America who exhaust the mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional labor it takes to dismantle the racist systems of oppression of which they fall victim by design,” says Williams. “Our strategic approach centers our collective responsibility to end racism by closing the information gap that’s left out of schools and overlooked by broad-scale diversity & inclusion training.”  

Unpacking targets both professionals and teens. Individuals can enroll independently or with an organizational team. They have two experience choices: on-demand content, which is set at one’s own pace, or a hybrid program, which also includes interactive live sessions. The trainings can be accessed through the open enrollment found at unpacking.co. Unpacking also leads an exclusive accelerator program that runs every quarter for both professionals and teens. To date, Unpacking has hosted three accelerators with the first teen-only accelerator set for Dec. 12 and 13, 2020. The deadline to apply is Nov. 22, 2020.

Unpacking's programming is designed for participants to first do the homework, then come to class. The on-demand content consists of five lessons that are approximately two hours each. The lessons can be completed at a pace determined by the team or individual. For teams in the hybrid program, an additional five hours of live sessions is included with virtual debriefs and community-building activities. Lessons are designed to benefit both interpersonal relationships and company cultures.

About Unpacking

Unpacking is on a mission to educate, equip, and entrust everyday people in the collective responsibility to end racism. 

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