Unknown Author Trevor Geall Becomes a Number #1 Best Seller 24 Hours After the Launch of His Book Real Estate Multiplier

Trevor and his dear friend Mike Koenings

A remarkable story of the relatively unknown author Trevor Geall becomes a best selling author 24 hours after the launch of his book, The Real Estate Multiplier: A secret system millionaire real estate investors use to maximize their wealth and pay less tax.

This book discusses a high-end strategy real estate investors use to create the additional asset to build more wealth. Creating an additional asset to:

  1. buy more properties 
  2. maintain or upkeep existing properties 
  3. to produce additional income

All while giving you further tax deductions and most importantly, doing it at little to nothing out of your pocket.

This complex strategy involves Real Estate Investments, Loans, Life Insurance and tax deductions to help these investors catapult their wealth to new levels.

When asked how Trevor was able to basically jump into the starlight so quickly and at such a young age, he replied, "I'm very thankful you think this was a quick start and I have had a lot of great people in my life help me to get here, but you haven't seen the eight years of work that took."

When asked what he hopes this book accomplished, he said, "I hope successful real estate investors can take this strategy and make it work for them." He went on to say, "Unlike the movies not all rich people are bad. In fact, the people I've worked with that have a lot, also do a lot of good. And give far more back than what the average household will ever be able to do. So I hope this puts more money back in their pocket to do what they think is right."

Source: Trevor Geall

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