University Radiology Selects IDS AbbaDox Cloud-Based CRM to Accelerate Marketing Efforts

Major Sub-Specialty Practice with 16 Locations Chooses Advanced, Turnkey IDS Solution

University Radiology (UR), with more than 130 physicians and 16 outpatient imaging centers located throughout New Jersey, has selected AbbaDox CRM version 2.0 for the management of its broad-based referral marketing initiatives.  The advanced AbbaDox solution will enable UR to measure, track and grow referring physician relationships through a single easy-to-use application that integrates directly with its RIS.  The busy multi-modality practice selected the technology in part because of its robust, real-time referral reporting capabilities and trend analysis that sets it apart from the competition.  UR staffs, manages and provides preliminary and final subspecialty interpretations for a wide range of hospitals, imaging centers and other medical facilities.  Its physicians interpret more than 1.5 million radiology procedures each year.

“University Radiology is one of the largest sub-specialty practices in the U.S. and has an unusually high volume of specialized referrals,” says Hedy Rogers, UR Director of Marketing & Communications. “To keep the practice running smoothly and profitably, we need to monitor our referral patterns in detail and carefully plan and track all our marketing efforts.  AbbaDox is unique in providing a broad range of detailed referrer reports and analytics as well as sophisticated tools for scheduling, tracking and evaluating marketing efforts.”

"Our dynamic reporting with actionable data empowers on one end, executives to formulate forward-thinking business strategy and on the other, frontline marketers with referral facts."

Yaniv Dagan, CEO

Prior to purchasing the system, UR had had been running static referral reports using its RIS solution, which were out of date as soon as they were produced.  “Given our practice size and diversity, marketing is extremely important,” she explains.  “Our services are unique because we can match up patients based on their needs with highly experienced sub-specialists, from pediatric to breast MRI radiologists.  The time was right to step up to a more advanced marketing solution, and AbbaDox CRM was clearly the superior choice.”

Rogers points out that AbbaDox CRM is optimized for radiology practitioners in particular.  It tracks referral patterns not only for a practice overall but also for individual physicians within the group.  At the same time, AbbaDox CRM provides robust tools to help marketers manage their interactions with existing and potential referrers, including event scheduling, reminders and expense tracking, while enabling them to measure the impact of marketing efforts and dollars spent. 

“We are pleased our referral marketing and management application serves as an important business tool to UR management and is working in tandem with UR on its growth trajectory,” says IDS CEO Yaniv Dagan. “Our dynamic reporting with actionable data empowers on one end, executives to formulate forward-thinking business strategy and on the other, frontline marketers with referral facts.” 

The CRM supports a full range of mobile devices, placing detailed referrer information at a marketer’s fingertips whenever needed.  Interactive mapping makes planning sales routes and identifying underserved geographic areas simple.  Moreover, the cloud-based architecture shifts responsibility for all system maintenance and upgrades from the practice to IDS.

“In short,” according to Rogers, “IDS will enable us to leverage today’s most advanced marketing technology specifically optimized for radiologists for the benefit of our practice.  It is a comprehensive marketing resource designed for today’s competitive medical environment.”

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