University of Minho Partners With Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. and SIMIO to Host Webinar on Automatic Generation of Simulation Models

Representatives of The University of Minho in collaboration with Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. will host a free webinar discussing the automatic generation of simulation models, replicating production lines using the SIMIO API, and its application in a variety of industries on October 1st,, 2020.

Professor Bruno Gonçalves and Assistant Lecturer Marcelo Henriques of the University of Minho will discuss the automatic generation of simulation models alongside Sérgio Barreiro of Bosch Car Multimedia S.A. in a webinar slated for the 1st of October 2020 at 12:30 PM ET (4:30 PM UTC). The webinar will focus on the generation of simulation models that replicate production lines with their corresponding features. The simulation model includes product line features such as product flow, worker behavior, and shortage of production components through a 3D visualized environment.

The 3D visualized environment will be showcased at the webinar and participants will have the opportunity to view a new worker behavior simulation that does not answer to entity demands but to a previously defined standardized work. The 3D visualization will show worker movements on the plant floor, the product flow, a description of each task been executed, and the KPIs of the system.

The automatically generated simulation model to be presented at the webinar aims at reducing uncertainties such as quotation during the early phases of production line development and optimizing production efficiency. The presentation will highlight the use of simulation modeling to enhance testing capacity and capabilities, improve production efficiency for diverse demand scenarios, and analyze the effects of material or component shortages to a production line.

Professor Bruno Gonçalves and his colleagues will speak on the development of the automatically generated simulation model. The presentation will focus on the implementation of a ‘two database system’. The first system stores and synchronizes production tasks, machines, and time to produce the simulation model. While the other saves the production systems previously developed in different stages of a product’s life cycle.

Assistant Lecturer Marcelo Henriques and Sérgio Barreiro will discuss the use of the SIMIO API, and custom-designed SIMIO Objects with a custom user interface to develop the simulation model. Speakers will discuss the new worker behavior developed for the automatically generated simulation model and how the model can be applied to optimize production line operations.

The automatic generation of simulation models project intends to increase the use of simulation in industrial facilities while reducing the time, training, and resources needed to use simulation tools. Participants will learn how to make use of simulation tools to automatically generate simulation models. To attend the webinar, please at

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