Universal Pumps Launches New 'Best In Class' Website

Universal Pumps has launched its new site - with vastly improved functionality and dedicated product information.

Universal Pumps, wholesale distributor of a comprehensive range of pumps and grey water systems, launched a brand new customer-focused, information-filled website this week. The site, http://www.universalpumps.com.au is designed in direct response to Universal Pumps' research into what the customer really wants.

Universal Pumps' Marketing Manager Joanne Stewart says: "This new, dedicated Universal Pumps website has been an accumulation of listening to the views of both our dealers and the end-users. They wanted easy to find product information and online resources, and this has been the basis of the website design and content. I have no doubt that this website will easily be considered 'best in class', offering a user-friendly guide to pumps and water saving solutions."

Universal Pumps' is relatively new to the Australian water industry and to date has been included within ADG Global Supply's website - its parent company. The new website serves not only to allow the Universal Pumps brand to "stand on its own", it gives customers detailed product information and downloads, close-up photographs of all its quality products and the ability to register their warranty. There is also an authorised dealer log-in area for Universal Pumps distributors to access technical information and view new products and specials.

"More and more, home owners are doing their product research on-line. They want to be able to learn about the product choice and find out who we are and where to buy," says Joanne Stewart. "We are a growing, reliable company with a strong focus on quality assurance and water saving solutions. Last year we were recognised for the 2nd consecutive year for our innovative GreyFlow 001 System, winning Water Saving Product of The Year through WA Master Plumbers Excellence Awards. We are continually innovating and improving our products. The new website is the natural next step."

The Universal Pumps brand has experienced strong growth and market share since its dedicated entrance to the water market in 2008. Universal Pumps products are now found in many leading plumbing, hardware and irrigation outlets across Australia and its GreyFlow grey water systems are quickly becoming renowned as the leading grey water offering in the market. Universal Pumps is a part of the publicly listed group, ADG Global Supply, who are industrial suppliers to energy and resource clients globally. ADG Global Supply, based in Malaga, Western Australia has an on-site testing and assembly facility where extensive product testing is carried out and the Universal Waterboy (rainwater diversion system) is manufactured. The company has invested significantly in product research and development, and the innovative products we have released of late are testament to this."

Joanne Stewart added: "We are in a competitive market. Customers rightly expect a good deal and importantly, a reliable product. At Universal Pumps, our products carry the same specifications as the industry leading brands, but we are able to offer them to the market at a very affordable price point. We also listen to our customers. As a result, we will continue to refine our products and services to meet their needs now and in the future."