United Vein Centers Announces Grand Re-Opening of Tampa Office-Based Lab

United Vein Centers' new OBL will allow patients to receive vascular procedures without having to make a trip to the hospital.

Next week, Oct. 27, 2020, United Vein Centers will celebrate the grand re-opening of their Tampa facility — a UVC office-based lab (or OBL for short). This office-based lab allows patients to forgo having to make a costly, time-consuming, and (currently) risky trip to the hospital for treatment.

What Makes Our OBL Unique From Other UVC Facilities

"[This] Office Based Lab […] is different from our other clinics," explains board-certified UVC surgeon, Dr. William Kiang, introducing the new facility. "I am proud to offer more robust vascular services here in my office, which is our very first."

Though UVC has clinics and other OBLs in other locations around the country, they are proud to finally be able to bring this kind of facility to the sunshine state. This office-based lab will help deliver more in-depth, specialized care to patients, in a more efficient manner.

After diagnosis, many of their procedures only take a short amount of time to complete, allowing patients to return to their everyday lives quickly, relieved of their pain and discomfort. The mission at United Vein Centers is to help those in their care return to healthy lifestyles where they can be as active as they wish, with newfound relief and confidence after their procedure.

Why Tampa Needs An OBL Now

With the re-opening of their latest OBL, the hope is that they can deliver quality care in an even more efficient manner, treating patients there, instead of the hospital. They believe that this grand re-opening arrives in a timely manner — given the current global pandemic, many patients are hesitant about going to the hospital to receive their treatment. Now they don't have to.

"The OBL is equipped to help me with the treatment of many chronic patient conditions without the need for a costly or time-consuming hospital visit," says Dr. Kiang. "We treat deep vein disease and work with our patient's current doctors to ensure that they can then return back to their referring physician with everything they need to move on and live a healthy, active lifestyle pain-free."

To learn more about the brand new OBL in Tampa or about any of United Vein Centers' other services, visit www.unitedventers.com.

About United Vein Centers

United Vein Centers are IAC accredited facilities with office locations serving patients across the nation. Their board-certified doctors are vein experts, and the staff is thoroughly trained and educated in all aspects of vein health.

Through superior knowledge and cutting-edge technology, these board-certified physicians help patients improve their quality of life by eliminating symptoms such as pain, aching, and swelling caused by damaged or unsightly veins. The physicians' mission is to keep patients as healthy and active as possible, allowing you to return to your ideal lifestyle.

Source: United Vein Centers


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