United Global Trading Corp. Partners With Hartalega to Supply North America With Nitrile Examination Gloves

FDA-Approved ShieldOn Precision Gloves Currently En Route to Los Angeles


United Global Trading Corp. (UGTC) announces a non-exclusive partnership with Hartalega to import, sell and distribute ShieldOn nitrile, powder-free examination gloves tested for use with chemotherapy drugs and fentanyl, to meet the demands of the North American market. ShieldOn gloves are FDA-approved and suitable for dental, medical, food, beauty, janitorial, and industrial use. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the global demand for single-use gloves skyrocketed and exceeded manufacturers' production capacity. Demand attracted new suppliers, flooding the market with lower-quality gloves, but at inflated prices. UGTC market research shows users are forced to use lesser-quality gloves. Independent medical facilities expressed frustration at the high price and lack of quality.  

"Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we witnessed an influx of poor-quality medical supplies and PPE saturating the marketplace. With the pandemic still lingering, a strong flu season expected, and high levels of fentanyl entering North America, PPE and medical supplies are not products where you can cut corners," Sean Price, UGTC CEO, said. 

Headquartered in Malaysia, Hartalega is recognized as one of the world's largest producers of nitrile gloves for the healthcare industry. This partnership allows U.S.-based UGTC to provide customers with a comprehensive product offering meeting the highest safety standards in the industry. 

The partnership between UGTC and Hartalega is a natural fit given both companies' commitment to quality and safety. UGTC is determined to provide products and services that meet or exceed the highest safety standards, while Hartalega is known for its innovative glove design and manufacturing technology.  

"We looked at many manufacturers for ShieldOn and determined Hartalega is the best fit due to their high quality, efficient processes, production capabilities, and ethical working conditions," Price said. 

ShieldOn is launching with three glove types: Precision, Guardian, and Defender. In addition to Hartalega's innovative quality control process, UGTC implemented additional stringent quality control standards such as on-site visits and third-party quality control and loading inspections.   

"With the increase of fentanyl in North America, protecting our frontline and medical workers by providing them with the highest quality PPE at a very competitive price is of the utmost importance," Price said.    

For more information about ordering ShieldOn gloves, contact sales@unitedglobaltradingcorp.com or call (562) 676-4332. 

Source: United Global Trading Corp.

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