United Concierge Medicine Announces Innovative Virtual ER 2.0 Offering in Alignment With New CMS Program

New Approach Blends Virtual Emergency Medicine Care and EMS Services to Better Support Patients

United Concierge Medicine (UCM) today announced a unique new offering called Virtual ER 2.0 to align with the recently-announced ET3 pilot program unveiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). ET3 – short for Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport – will allow Emergency Medical Services (EMS) organizations and municipalities to seek a new approach to enabling better use of technology in the home by  EMS providers.

Partnering with UCM’s Virtual ER 2.0 will allow applicants to the ET3 program to combine the onsite expertise of Paramedics with UCM’s proven physician-driven virtual care model. ET3 is intended to reduce CMS-funded ambulance transports, and UCM’s Virtual ER 2.0 will align directly with that goal, as a fully digitally-enabled EMS team would arrive to provide appropriate onsite physical assessment and treatment, guided by virtual UCM health care providers.

United Concierge Medicine CEO Keith Algozzine said, “Our Virtual ER 2.0 represents a natural evolution in our Emergency Medicine care model. By engaging with municipal and EMS partners, we seek to embrace the ET3 model and extend beyond our already existing Virtual ER reach. 2.0 will enable our patients even greater care, while potentially avoiding costly ambulance transport costs.”

Unlike in a traditional 911 call that brings EMS onsite, a Virtual ER 2.0 visit would bring a digitally-enabled EMS team to a patients’ home, providing an even greater assessment and treatment capability not possible through virtual means. For many patients, this could mean immediate care from both UCM’s physicians and ER team, and a virtually-directed EMS provider, to potentially avoid an ambulance transport. This avoidance would reduce patient costs and inconvenience and better optimize the EMS care and payment model.

UCM is working to develop relationships with emergency ambulance providers throughout the nation to enable 2.0, with a goal of being fully enabled as a partner for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) new Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3) Model program. Ambulance providers and municipal partners interested in partnering with UCM on this program can contact UCM at Info@UCMnow.com.

About UCM
UCM’s Virtual ER provides 24/7 triage and treatment by a dedicated team of physicians and emergency medicine providers through modern digital tools, including phone, video and picture. This unique approach to emergency medicine has provided patients more immediate access to care in a customized and comfortable environment. To learn more about UCM, please visit www.UCMnow.com.

Media Contact: Timothy Dunn, Dunn Strategy Group

Source: United Concierge Medicine


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