United Chargers Announces the New Grizzl-E Ultimate

From the popular Grizzl-E design made in Canada, United Chargers announces the new, powerful, affordable, and smart Grizzl-E Ultimate EVSE, now on sale for $699 USD. UL-certified, smart open OCPP-connected EV charger with 19.2 KW maximum output ideal for Cybertruck, Ford Lightning, Porsche, Tesla and all other EVs on the market.

Grizzl-E Ultimate

Today, United Chargers, a leading EV Charger manufacturer known for the Grizzl-E line of products, announces the Grizzl-E Ultimate. This first-of-its-kind made in North America Level 2 EV Charger provides up to 80A 19.2kW with either J1772 or NACS connector and open OCPP software for an affordable price of CAD $999

Grizzl-E became one of North America's most popular EVSE brands for its industry-leading durability, performance, and affordability. Now, United Chargers is introducing the next generation of Grizzl-E with the 80A Grizzl-E Ultimate. The 80A maximum output current is twice as powerful as a standard Level 2 EV Charger for the fastest affordable home charging. Grizzl-E Ultimate also features a choice of J1772 connector or NACS connector for Tesla vehicles. Made in Canada and built to withstand any outdoor condition, the rugged design and indestructible aluminum cast enclosure that made Grizzl-E Classic a best-seller carries forward with the Grizzl-E Ultimate. 

Grizzl-E Ultimate uses the open and interoperable Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for its smart charging software. It is the only affordable home charger to use OCPP. Grizzl-E Ultimate connects to the free Grizzl-E Connect app, available on iOS or Android, for smart charging, including scheduling, usage tracking, and charger monitoring. 

Compared with other Level 2 EV Charging Stations on the market, the new Grizzl-E Ultimate is a clear winner in power, affordability, durability, and the features that matter most to EV drivers.

"I believe the Grizzl-E Ultimate is the most significant EV Charger to date. The 80A, OCCP, affordable Level 2 charger is something that has not been seen up to now. It is an important step in the electric vehicle adaption that will allow faster and more affordable charging with open software," said Gleb Nikiforov, CEO of United Chargers.

Grizzl-E Ultimate charger is UL/cUL Safety Certified and comes with a standard three-year warranty. 

The Grizzl-E Ultimate is now available in the United States and Canada.

It can be ordered from the Grizzl-E website: https://grizzl-e.com/ca/products/grizzl-e-ultimate

About United Chargers

United Chargers is a Canadian EVSE manufacturer and a leader in Level 2 EVSEs. United Chargers launched the popular Grizzl-E line of EV chargers at the beginning of 2020 and has followed with more successful products, including the Grizzl-E Smart and Grizzl-E Duo. United Chargers' goal is to speed up the adoption of electric vehicles with durable, affordable, and practical products for home and commercial use.

Source: United Chargers Inc