Unisecure Launches Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Unisecure, the prominent web-hosting company added private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to its services that now earn its customers a complete opportunity to control their own environment. The company will be offering all the cloud privileges that include scalability, optimum security, high-availability and 24x7 technical support.

Unisecure, a leading web hosting service provider in the US announced the addition of two new offerings to its portfolio. The company incorporated Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solutions, enabling customers to optimize their cloud experience.

“Cloud has become quite a popular concept now and it has been taking new turns swiftly. In order to match pace with the changing IT atmosphere, we need to change as well. To meet the ever-increasing demands for cloud-solutions, we planned to introduce Private cloud and Hybrid cloud for our customers. The latest services will improve our customers’ IT capabilities and allow them to transit to a completely new environment, whenever they want to,” said a spokesperson at Unisecure.

Unisecure, the prominent web-hosting company added private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions to its services.

Joselin Hernandez, Sales

Currently, the company offers three pre-defined Cloud Hosting Plans: UniCloud Budget, UniCloud Standard and UniCloud Enterprise. The cost of Private and Hybrid cloud hosting has not been estimated yet, however, a source revealed that it would be priced moderately to suit their client’s budget. Unisecure’s new Hybrid solution is an opportunity for its customers to take advantage of both private and public cloud models.

“Our customers don’t need to decide between the two choices, as with hybrid they can gain the benefits of both the cloud models. Secondly, private cloud assures flexibility, privacy and complete authority of your hardware, cutting off the need to share resources with others. As a result, we aim to improve business performance by delivering quality-oriented cloud services,” said the CIO.

Along with that, the company also offers round-the-clock support, so customers can get in touch with them whenever they need assistance. Besides, they follow a stringent security protocol that assures data safety. Unisecure strives to meet the client expectation level by providing the secure, reliable and scalable solutions.

About Unisecure:
Unisecure, started in 1996 is a US-based Data Center provider and since has successfully delivered numerous projects in the areas of VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Data Center Services, Disaster Recovery Services, Cloud Servers.

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