Unique New Couples Game Improves Relationships

Adult role-playing made easy and fun through a novel approach just in time for Valentine's Day!

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Naughty-Nights.com ("Naughty Nights") today announced the launch of its new website and experience-based couples role-playing kits that bring a novel approach to creating excitement and intimacy in relationships. Couples order personalized kits that allow them to play out common fantasies and feel a deep sense of immersion over multiple days, culminating in an unforgettable night. Naughty Nights is proud to have designed an inclusive approach suitable for all gender identities and orientations, with anyone being able to play any role.

Benefits of playing a Naughty Nights scenario include:

  • Improved Intimacy. Bond over a shared romantic experience that encourages open communication.
  • Fun and Exploration. Role-playing gives both players a chance to get out of their heads and routines in a fun new way.
  • Better Sex. Talking openly about our needs is the foundation of sexual trust, making way for better sex - permanently.

How does Naughty Nights work?

Naughty Nights' two-phase approach to role-play is unique. It helps players get highly immersed in their game's world as they complete fun, purpose-designed tasks. 

In the first few days of play, couples interact through the game and with each other in novel ways like secret letters. These interactions help players share desires and boundaries comfortably. This phase also encourages them to get into the character and eliminates a lot of the awkwardness involved in role-playing. 

In phase two, players have a meetup, where they receive suggestions or tasks that are open-ended, allowing for as much exploration as players want while still challenging them.

The first kit launched by Naughty Nights, just in time for Valentine's Day, is a "Student & Professor" scenario.

Naughty-Nights.com kits are available now and ship worldwide for $39.99 CDN (~$32USD). For more information on role play for couples, adult role play games, and to learn more about Naughty Nights scenario kits, visit www.Naughty-Nights.com.

About Naughty Nights

Naughty Nights is a new adult game company taking a radically different approach to couples' role-play. Naughty Nights believes in the power of role-playing as a tool to enhance communication, increase intimacy, and prompt exploration, leading to happier and healthier relationships. Allowing couples to have novel experiences in the comfort of their own homes, Naughty Nights focuses on immersion, guided-yet-open gameplay, personalization, and inclusion. While the best options to date in this space have been awkwardly buying costumes or taking verbatim orders from a book, Naughty Nights delivers an unparalleled, fun experience for all couples looking to bring more excitement to their bedrooms.

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Bryce Lokken, Chief Game Officer


Source: Naughty Nights

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