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Here are some tips about buying generic mobile phone accessories such as cell phone holders from companies like Amazon or Google so that you will have quality products with a good warranty and return policy. A good example is discussed here.

What is the best way to choose accessories for your cell phone or other mobile device? Having invested considerable money for a phone and it's a good idea to protect it and use it well. Should you purchase products that are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or common products such as the ones available at Amazon or Google? Usually the common products are more affordable and easier to order than the OEM products.

However, there are some standards to follow to see to it that your money is well invested. First, make sure the product is actually cheaper including shipping and other fees such as duty. Next, check that there is a good return policy in place in case the accessory is ruined and that there is a service warranty on the product.

The last pointer comes from eBay, "If the item is costly, see if there is an option to add an insurance policy. If you do not add insurance to a $300 item, the seller is out the cash, (not the vendor) if it gets ruined in the mail. An insurance policy is cheap and worth the money on costly items".

There are such products at the Amazon.com online store as they have outstanding customer care featuring a great return policy. They provide rapid shipping at an acceptable rate.

There is a new, extremely beneficial product just launched, a hands free mobile holder that adheres to all the above requirements and is compact, sturdy and easy to make use of. Notice the sale price on the Hands Free Cell Phone Holder till the end of May 2013 as an introductory offer.

With massive fines for chatting and driving and the significant number of collisions caused by distracted drivers, it is a security feature to make use of a mobile phone holder in your car. To view this holder go to on this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CDWU3TQ

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