Unique Grow Pacific Ltd Adds Purchase Orders to JustGrow.net

Unique Grow Pacific Ltd adds purchase order forms to website following unprecedented interest in "Enviro-pod" product.

Next-generation, advanced hydroponics manufacturer, Unique Grow Pacific, Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has added order purchase form and international pricing functionality to its website at justgrow.net.

The development comes as the company attempts to cope with an unprecedented number of inquiries about its “Enviro-pod” product.

“Since the appointment of a new regional sales agent, we’ve experienced an exceptional volume of inquiries. Initially, we expected the interest to be limited to the individual Enviro-pod units but it seems the potential for partnering with the company with a view to establishing regional growing centers that can accommodate commercial food production has a great deal of appeal to larger growers,” says Terrence Lewis, Customer Care executive at Unique Grow Pacific, Ltd.

Unique Grow Pacific, Ltd’s sales agent has been on a sales and presentation tour, meeting prospective customers in Durban, Cape Town and Dubai and has been inundated with orders.

It is hoped that the introduction of web-hosted purchase order forms will relieve some of the pressure on the company’s sales operations by fielding common questions that tend to focus on availability, delivery times, currency conversion and more specific inquiries about the lighting and heating technology used in the Enviro-pods.

“This is one of those ‘nice-to-have’ problems,” says Richard Johnson, Unique Grow Pacific, Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer. “It seems we underestimated the scale of the interest our products would garner in such a short space of time. Going forward, we will devote additional resources to ensuring our website can provide the answers and automate the ordering process.”

Source: Unique Grow Pacific, Ltd.


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