Union County Police and Public Safety Expands Community Engagement Through Partnership With CueHit

County 9-1-1 center becomes the first in the country to use this software solution to measure and increase citizen satisfaction with 9-1-1, Law Enforcement and Fire / EMS


CueHit, Inc today announced that the Union County Public Safety Regional Dispatch center in Westfield, NJ, began to use its software to better connect to the communities they serve. On Tuesday, Oct. 13, some 911 callers began to receive text messages about the expected time of arrival of responding units, instructions of what to do while waiting for the units to arrive and then a brief text message satisfaction survey about their interaction with 911.

While private companies have been able to use tools to send automatic text message notifications and satisfaction surveys to their customers, those tools have not been available to Public Safety agencies to do the same with the citizens they serve. Until now.

"Progressive agencies like Union County understand the importance of being able to engage their community in ways that are most effective and comfortable for them," said Scott MacDonald, Co-founder of CueHit. "Having spent the past 20 years developing software for 911, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS departments, we saw an opportunity to help these agencies connect with their citizens using digital tools like text messages."

But it goes far beyond sending messages to keep 911 callers informed. The CueHit platform allows Police and 911 agencies to proactively seek feedback from those who have recently interacted with the department. Simple text message satisfaction surveys are sent out after certain, lower priority interactions with 911. The valuable feedback collected gives departments the data they need to understand the needs of their community and how those needs are being met.

"While Union County started with messages and surveys for a portion of their 911 calls," MacDonald said, "it is expected that they will expand the use of the CueHit system to reach more callers and add surveys for interactions with Police and EMS in the future."

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The CueHit mission is to connect the right public safety resources with their communities. We believe technology will help agencies serve their citizens better, create stronger relationships with the public and use data to measure the effectiveness and satisfaction level of each interaction. Learn more at www.cuehit.com

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