UNIFOSA Debuts 16Gb FC Storage Solutions

10 models from 12 to 64 bays - doubles throughput than former 8Gb/s interface

UNIFOSA CORP. launched the 16Gb FC storage product line, including 2U 12Bay, 2U 24Bay, 3U 16Bay, 4U 42Bay to 4U 64Bay high density series, which offers complete data protection, hardware redundancy and outstanding performance for versatile applications that request high performance and high availability. The new EPICa 16Gb Fibre storage solution doubles the throughput and provides better IO/s from 8Gb/s interface and that suits performance-demanding application and services.

There are totally 5 platforms and 10 models released: 2U 12Bay EP-2123S1/D1-FGS6, 2U 24Bay EP-2243S1/D1-FGS6, 3U 16Bay EP-3163S1/D1-FGS6, 4U 42Bay EP-4423S1/D1-FGS6 and high-density 4U 64Bay EP-4643S1/D1-FGS6. From this new 16Gb FC product line, It's flexible and offers more choices for customers according to their capacity demand from 50TB up to 250TB in one chassis. Besides, there are SAS JBODs for options as well in order to scale up the total capacity; you can expand total capacity up to 256 drives, or over 1PB, via SAS JBODs.

The 16G FC storage series comes with single or dual redundant RAID controllers for options. The power supply and drives are both hot-swappable and modular design, which ease system maintenance and management. There are multiple RAID level support, including RAID0, 1, 10(1E), 3, 5, 6, 50, 60 and JBOD, and it supports local and global hot spare drive. All these design will ensure data integrity and enhance data protection.

The EPICa 16Gb FC storage solutions are now shipping.

Key Features:
- Excellent Performance
Built-in two 16Gb/s Fibre ports on each RAID controller doubles throughput than former 8Gb/s interface. It's also backward compatible with existing 4Gb and 8Gb FC switch and infrastructure.

- Fully Redundant & Hot Pluggable Modular Design
RAID controllers, power supplies, fan modules, and hard drives are all fully redundant and capable of hot-swap.

- Active/Active RAID Controllers
The active/active-controller design ensures no downtime from storage and avoid single point of failure.

- Green Storage
MAID 2.0 support, which enables energy saving and further cost saving.