Uniform Point Launches Hi-Visibility Protective Workwear

Uniform Point continues to provide workwear uniforms and industrial uniforms for different industries and trades. Believing that safety in the workplace is important and thus UniformPoint.com launches the high visibility protective workwear.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires that all workers within the right of way of a federal-aid highway who are exposed either to traffic or construction equipment within the work area shall wear high-visibility safety apparel. This is because there has been an increasing awareness of incident and accidents arising from low-visibility vehicular traffic conditions. Road workers are more likely to feature in a vehicular accident than any average worker. FHWA notes that high-visibility is a primary and critical need for any worker whose tasks is anywhere near moving vehicles and equipment. With the workers focused on their tasks, they will not be able to watch over the hazardous surroundings they are in. The high-visibility workwear will allow other motorists and equipment operator to see them.

Uniform Point realizing the need for hi-visibility clothing has made it a priority to provide customers with quality hi-visibility vests, jackets and shirts at very affordable prices. They have put in mind that these hi-vis workwear at http://www.uniformpoint.com/are not only safe to use and able to give the most optimal visibility but also offers comfort during the day, low-light, and nighttime conditions and in different work environments. Uniform Point offers a wide array of high visibility shirts, safety vests and jackets that meets the ANSI standards in different categories.

It is noted that not the hi-vis workwear offered at Uniform Point are not only for industrial usage but also for paramedics, police officers not engaged in law enforcement activities (i.e. traffic stops), tow truck operators, or anyone working in a low-visibility environment. This includes personnel who service the aircraft, those who direct them while they are taxiing, and the workers who manage the movement of cargo to and from the planes. Emergency responders also need high visibility uniforms so that people who need their assistance can easily locate them, even in a large crowd, or help them to locate each other.

For more information regarding the products and services please visit http://www.uniformpoint.com/ or call 1-866-967-8573.