Unified Power Appoints New CEO

Unified Power

​Unified Power, the nation’s largest critical power service company, announced that Eric Reisner has been named as the new Chief Executive Officer. Chris Roach, who has been CEO since 2011, has shifted into a new role as Executive Vice-President of Strategic Business Development. These changes reflect a strategic approach to long-term growth and planning for the organization.

“Eric is extremely excited to join the Unified Power Team,” says Chris. “What drives his enthusiasm is that Unified Power has the ability to dominate the critical power service industry, while becoming the employer of choice for our employees and the partner of choice for our customers.”

Eric Reisner comes with over 30 years of experience in both global and domestic field-based critical service businesses. His commercial facilities experience goes across vertical markets such as data centers, education, retail, commercial office, and industrial experience in energy, chemical and pharmaceutical. Eric’s offerings expertise is built around preventative maintenance contracts and time and materials, along with small and large projects that included mechanical, electrical, and HVAC systems.

Eric comes prepared to make changes. “Customers want the same positive experience time and time again. To accomplish this, we will raise our professionalism, responsiveness and overall value to a level never seen by our industry.”

About Unified Power

The Unified Power brand began in January 2011, when On Computer Services, a national critical power service company, began seeking mergers with high-quality, reputable critical power services providers across the nation.

Today, Unified Power supports over 6,000 customer sites, and the company continues to grow via its commitment to market-leading customer service, strategic acquisitions and world-class service experience.

Companies under the Unified Power brand include On-Computer Services, Power Protection Unlimited (PPU), Sun Sales, PowerPlus (UPS Services division), UPSCO, Power Protection Services (PPS), Lionheart Services (UPS Services division), 247 Technologies, Critical Power USA, SEPS, Core Power Services, Computer Power Systems, Tristar Power Solutions and Power BackUPS.

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