Undoo, LLC and Toro Management, LLC Announces the Launch of the New and Improved 'Undoo Brand Version 2.0'

Undoo, LLC and Toro Management, LLC are thrilled to announce the launch of the newly improved undoo® brand and product line - the only patented consumer product line to help consumers manage their cannabis experience.

Both companies are proud to reveal the updated undoo® product line, which now includes three product use cases (with a total of four SKUs) to help consumers manage their cannabis experience. The four product names are undoo® relief, undoo® refresh, undoo® reset, and undoo® reset starter pack.

Toro Management is the exclusive worldwide* marketing, commercialization and distribution partner of undoo® products and has shipped its initial regional distributor orders to serve select dispensary and smoke shop channels in the United States. The undoo® brand e-commerce website at www.undoo.com is now live in beta for consumers to learn more about the products and to place orders directly on the website. 

Toro Management will continue to update and improve user experience on the e-commerce website and is actively engaging with and seeking additional distributors across the United States with the goal of making undoo® products accessible to the masses.

Distributor inquiries: orders@undoo.com

About Undoo, LLC

About Undoo LLC, was created to develop the most unique product line to help consumers manage their cannabis experience. Undoo's mission is to empower a tailored cannabis consumption experience through innovative products & education, working to positively reinvent the way you think about & consume cannabis. Find out more about undoo® products at www.undoo.com.

About Toro Management, LLC

Toro Management, LLC was founded with the vision of bringing unique and groundbreaking products, ingredients and brands to the forefront of consumers across the globe. Through its exclusive partnerships, The Company is researching and commercializing revolutionary products in the health & wellness and consumer product spaces. Toro Management owns the exclusive worldwide** marketing, commercialization and distribution rights to undoo® products.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*less Canada

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Source: Toro Management, LLC

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