UndefinedArt Buzz Escalates In India's Cultural Capital As Delhi Prepares For 6th Edition Of India Art Fair

The sixth edition of India Art Fair concluded on 2nd Feb 2014 after a buoyant four day run at the NSIC Exhibition Centre in New Delhi. With 96% of exhibitors reporting good sales, and a number of exhibitors selling out entirely

Since its founding in 2008, India Art Fair has grown to be an epicenter for art in India, with a global reputation for being one of South Asia's leading art fairs. This year the art fair will include 91 exhibiting booths and 1000 artists in the general exhibition area and solo projects. It will also include a video project, art bookstores, assortment of book launches, children's worksho ps, curated walks and a curated art projects section with 24 large scale installations. The key highlights of the fair also include an engaging Speakers Forum with 30 world renowned speakers and a city wide Collateral Events programme. The fair also hosts a tightly curated VIP Programme, in collaboration with public institutions, galleries and private art organizations, for visiting collectors and museums.

India Art Fair has played a key role in exposing galleries from across India to a variety of individual and institutional buy ers from across the country and the wider world. It has been visited by 400,000 people from over 60 cities over its five previous editions. This edition of the fair will take place in the heart of South Delhi, inside a custom-built tent spanning more than 20,000 sq. metres, designed by a highly-regarded Indian architectural firm.

For the first time the art fair will have participation from museums Mark Rothko Art Center Latvia, and also The Himalayas Art Museum in Shanghai as part of a major delegation of Chinese collectors attending the fair with a view to stimulating Indo - Chinese cultural exchange between collectors and museums.

Another first for 2014, India Art Fair announces the inaugural edition of a new Mentor and Protégé Program. It is a philanthropic programme that will seek a gifted young artist from India and connect them with an artistic master for a year o f creative collaboration in a one-on-one mentoring relationship.

"The Indian art market has seen a considerable uplift over the last couple of months, and as we prepare for the 6th edition of India Art Fair there is a renewed level of confidence in the market, from both the buying and selling perspective. India Art Fair h as a hugely exciting programme ahead, with 91 booths and 1000 artists participating from galleries across the globe. When we consider the scale and scope of not just the art fair but the way the larger scene has evolved since we started, we certainly have come a long way as an emerging market and continue to have the most promising years still ahead of us for both modern and contemporary art."

Neha Kirpal, Founder and Director, India Art Fair.

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