Uncertain OEMs Investigate New Manufacturing Solutions; Supply Chain Resources Group (SCRG) Announces Thailand-Based Services and Further Global Expansion

Company expands its managed services offering to Thailand with HOST℠ support center in Bangkok. COVID 19, tariffs, rising labor costs force alternate manufacturing needs.

​Supply Chain Resource Group, (SCRG) formerly known as Riverwood Solutions, the innovator in managed supply chain services and operations consulting, has opened a new HOST℠ services center in Bangkok, Thailand. From there, SCRG will help its OEM and brand-owning clients diversify and manage their Thailand manufacturing supply base. SCRG is also expanding its supply chain services in Hanoi, Vietnam, and Guadalajara, Mexico, to support increased demand for manufacturing operations support.

“Many U.S. OEMs had been developing a manufacturing supply base outside of mainland China due to cost concerns. But with the U.S.-China tariffs, and now supply chain disruptions from the Covid-19 outbreak, there is now a scramble for a second source. Some of our clients have opted for Thailand, Vietnam or Mexico as their China alternatives,” noted Julian Searle, Vice President of Business Development at SCRG.  “Our supply chain teams have provided manufacturing and supply chain services in Asia for a decade, and Bangkok was a natural next center location after Shenzhen, Suzhou and Hanoi.”

SCRG is also enhancing its supply chain management services infrastructure in Guadalajara to support near-shore manufacturing operations. Manufacturing costs in Mexico, on a constant USD basis, are near parity with manufacturing costs in China. This has spurred considerable incremental demand for manufacturing and supply chain solutions in Mexico from both European and U.S. brand owners. “In the last 10 years we have not seen such high demand for manufacturing in Mexico,” said Juan Francisco Fregoso, SCRG Managing Director of Mexico. “We are now accepting new clients that require trusted, Mexico-based services in supplier selection, contract negotiations, green field evaluation, and ongoing supplier management.”

About Supply Chain Resources Group (SCRG)

Supply Chain Resources Group (SCRG) (www.scrgww.com) optimizes OEMs’ supply chain performance and operations while maximizing the value of manufacturing and supply chain relationships. SCRG’s proprietary and award-winning HOST℠ (Hybrid Outsourced Services Team) model provides highly skilled local resources to OEMs, freeing them of fixed costs, supplier anxiety and heavy travel. Headquartered in Allen, TX, SCRG designs, optimizes, implements, and manages global supply chains from offices in the USA, Mexico, China, Vietnam and Thailand for leading OEMs and promising startups.

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