UMBRA Health and Georgia School of Orthodontics Partner to Deliver World's First Patient-Centric Multidisciplinary Interoperability Project for Children in Treatment for Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies

UMBRA Health has partnered with Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO) to assemble a team of multidisciplinary pediatric specialists to provide, at no cost, comprehensive treatment to more than 100 Georgia children born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and craniofacial anomalies.  GSO has chosen UMBRA Health’s Lifeography TM software as the platform to implement a groundbreaking interoperability solution that synchronizes and consolidates each child’s medical record from the many different electronic medical record (EMR) systems used by the team of healthcare providers.

Children born with cleft lips, cleft palates and other craniofacial anomalies (CL/CP/CFA) require specialized treatment at many stages from birth through adulthood. These patients typically see more than 20 unique healthcare professionals over the course of their treatment, making it very difficult to share medical records.

"The implications of having a 'whole person' medical record in one place cannot be overstated. People who have their complete health record available on demand to present to any provider who treats them—whether for routine visits, chronic care or emergencies—is a huge breakthrough in making healthcare safer for patients as well as providers."

Ramon Dempers, Founder and CEO of UMBRA Health

“We were thrilled to learn about UMBRA’s Lifeography and honored to partner with them on the first implementation of this innovative breakthrough,” said Dr. Ricky Harrell, Program Director at GSO. “We expect to realize tremendous time savings and enhanced collaboration among our extensive care team in the treatment of these children.”

“We are pleased to partner with GSO and the team of pediatric specialists on this wonderful community outreach program,” said Ramon Dempers, Founder and CEO of UMBRA Health. “The program timing coincided with the launch of our UMBRA Lifeography pilot program. We welcome the complexity and scope of the CL/CP/CFA project, as it presents the ideal environment to deliver on the UMBRA Lifeography value proposition of interoperability and synchronization across a broad spectrum of EMR systems and wearable devices, with the patient (and family) as the central owner of their consolidated record. The implications of having a ‘whole person’ medical record in one place cannot be overstated. People who have their complete health record available on demand to present to any provider who treats them—whether for routine visits, chronic care or emergencies—is a huge breakthrough in making healthcare safer for patients as well as providers.”

Groundbreaking Innovation:

  • For the first time in a program of this scope and complexity, the entire care team will have secure, on-demand access to the comprehensive medical records for each child.
  • For the first time, records from dental, psychology, speech, optometry, obstetrics and other specialists will be consolidated into a single electronic record.
  • Each child and their family will own and control their complete medical records for life, with the ability to easily share their comprehensive treatment records with future healthcare providers.

Project Scope & Timing:

  • The team is composed of providers representing more than 20 specialties, including oral surgeons, prosthodontists, pediatric dentists, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, cardiologists, anesthetists, general surgeons, orthodontists and ear, nose and throat specialists.
  • UMBRA is currently working with the providers to identify the EMR systems in use in order to build the connectors to the UMBRA Server.
  • This provider ecosystem will be configured, tested and in place in time to receive the first patients in the program in late October/early November of 2017.
  • Upon acceptance into the GSO program, each patient’s family will be given the UMBRA Lifeography application for life.
  • In addition, the providers receive the UMBRA Server software at no charge in order to ensure seamless delivery of care between the team.

Interoperability Background:

Interoperability challenges have dominated the healthcare industry for decades. Billions of public and private dollars are being spent on health information exchanges and standards, yet the lack of interoperability persists. Delivering care to people with diseases and conditions that require treatment from many specialists, all using different electronic medical record systems, is immeasurably difficult. Records that cannot be easily accessed between providers create risk for both patients and providers.  For example, missing information can cause delays in treatment, unintended pharmaceutical interactions, redundant testing and missed early warnings of health conditions.

Patient-Centered Approach:

UMBRA’s approach to solving interoperability places the consumer (patient) at the center as the common element that makes the data flow between their providers. “A holistic, consumer-centered approach to health records and interoperability starts with the consumer who has ownership and control of their clinical health information, with the power to distribute it to their ecosystem of care providers,” said Dempers. “From this body of knowledge, a generation of people will emerge that are healthier and more empowered than any before them.”

About UMBRA Health: 
UMBRA invented Lifeography TM, a lifelong record of an individual’s health experience, to address the problem of today’s disjointed, incomplete medical records. Lifeography brings all test results, procedures, medications, physician notes, genetic information, lifestyle stats and wearable device data—from every doctor, clinic, hospital or wellness facility to which a consumer has ever been—into one place. The record is synchronized every time a change is made, enabling more informed medical decisions. Soon UMBRA’s analytic capabilities will reveal predictive insights, empowering a new generation to lead longer, healthier lives. UMBRA Health is headquartered in Roswell, Georgia. For more information, visit

About Georgia School of Orthodontics:
The Georgia School of Orthodontics (GSO), based in Atlanta, Ga., offers an advanced specialty education program in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. The 36-month residency program is structured to provide collaborative and evidence-based learning for residents while providing quality orthodontic care to patients in the school’s two patient clinics located in metro-Atlanta. GSO’s mission is to educate outstanding dentists to be proficient in the clinical specialty of orthodontics while providing Georgians with the highest level of patient care available. GSO faculty and staff are dedicated to diversity in both education and practice. For more information about GSO, visit To schedule a complimentary consultation, visit, or call 770) 351-7737.

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Source: UMBRA Health and Georgia School of Orthodontics

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