ULTRAPURE WATER Micro Will Feature ITRS Roundtable Discussion

This November's ULTRAPURE WATER Micro conference will feature an ITRS roundtable discussion of semiconductor water treatment guidelines. The annual meeting will also have timely presentations of topics relevant to microelectronics water treatment.

LITTLETON, Colo.-This fall's ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 will feature a roundtable discussion of the latest developments in semiconductor water treatment standards being developed through the ITRS water committee. Executive Forum presentations in the conference will also examine water system monitoring and conservation strategies, and innovations in semiconductor water treatment equipment at this fall's ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 at the Hilton Hotel in Mesa (Phoenix), Arizona. The conference, slated for Tuesday, November 16, and Wednesday, November 17 will feature 17 technical papers on subjects important to semiconductor water treatment and a roundtable on the ITRS guidelines for microelectronics water.

The conference will also feature tabletop exhibits, and offer attendees the chance to meet and network with others active in semiconductor water treatment.

Other topics to be addressed by the conference will include trace contaminant removal, material selection for heat exchangers, copper reclamation from CMP wastewater, and use of high-efficiency reverse osmosis systems. Among speakers will be Ted Hutton of Arkema Inc., David O'Connor of Intel, David Hubler of the University of Arizona, Tim Miller of Purdue University, Barry Gotlinsky, Ph.D., of Pall Corp., and John Morgan of H2Morgan.

The conference is sponsored by Ultrapure Water, a technical journal that covers the business and technology of high-purity water treatment. More information about the conference is available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com/Expo/Phoenix.htm, by email at info@ultrapurewater.com, or by calling 303/973-6700.