ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 Focuses on Key Semiconductor Water Treatment Issues

Semiconductor water treatment is the focus of ULTRAPURE WATER Micro, which will take place Nov. 16-17 in Phoenix. There is still time to register. Key topics will include treatment standards, and industry and treatment equipment trends.

November's ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 conference will offer attendees four sessions on strategic semiconductor water treatment issues. Topics to be addressed are semiconductor water treatment standards, water system improvements, monitoring system improvements, and wastewater reclamation and reuse. ULTRAPURE WATER Micro 2010 will take place Tuesday, Nov. 16, and Wednesday, Nov. 17 at the Hilton Hotel in Mesa (Phoenix).

In additional to technical papers, the conference will also have a technical presentation, and a roundtable discussion on the ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors), which has a water committee working to develop standards for treating semiconductor water.

ULTRAPURE WATER Micro will feature tabletop exhibits and offer attendees the opportunity to meet and network with others active in semiconductor and photovoltaic water treatment fields.

Among topics to be addressed in the conference will be ITRS water treatment guidelines, particle control, semiconductor water distribution systems, high-efficiency reverse osmosis, microelectronics industry market trends, TOC measurement, and reclamation of copper-CMP wastewater. Presenters will include Slava Libman, Ph.D., of M+W U.S., Jeff Chapman of IBM, James Pardini of MEL Chemicals, Azita Yazdani of Exergy Technologies, Michael Pischke of Alfa Laval Inc., Bill McClain of GE Water, and Barry Gotlinsky of Pall Corp.

ULTRAPURE WATER journal sponsors the conference. More information about the conference is available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com/Expo/Phoenix.htm, by email at info@ultrapurewater.com, or by calling 303/973-6700. A conference brochure is available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com/Expo/PDF/Micro2010.pdf.

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