Ultrapure Water Journal Adds The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment to Book Offerings

Ultrapure Water is an on-line journal that covers the business and technology of water treatment. Additionally, the journal offers books on water treatment, and conducts conferences on pharma, microelectronics, and other water treatment issues.

LITTLETON, Colo.-Ultrapure Water journal now offers the newly published book, "The Science and Technology of Industrial Water Treatment" (Industrial Water Treatment), published by Taylor & Francis, as a part of its expanding library of industrial and high-purity water treatment books. The 516-page book, edited by Dr. Zahid Amjad, features 24 chapters on timely topics related to water treatment that are authored by industry and academic specialists.

Industrial Water Treatment begins with an overview of water chemistry, and covers the characteristics of commonly encountered mineral scales. It addresses the formation and control of different scales in various systems and examines new developments in membrane-based separation processes. Next, it provides a detailed account on the operational challenges of reverse osmosis systems, and scale control in thermal distillation processes.

Industrial Water Treatment also explores corrosion control in cooling, boiler, geothermal, and desalination systems, and it discusses the interactions of polyelectrolytes with suspended matter. The book examines bacterial species commonly encountered in water supplies, the mechanisms of biofouling, approaches to control it, and criteria for selecting biocides for water treatment applications. An entire chapter is devoted to Legionella in water systems.

Ultrapure Water journal also offers "Reverse Osmosis: Design, Processes, and Applications for Engineers", a book recently published by Wiley & Sons, and authored by Jane Kucera. This book's chapters review reverse osmosis (RO) use and its many applications, including recovering wastewater for reuse. The text provides comprehensive coverage of RO technology, covering the processes and equipment necessary to design, operate, and troubleshoot reverse osmosis systems. The book's 17 chapters are divided among 7 parts: Fundamentals, Pretreatment, System Design, Operations, Troubleshooting, System Engineering, and Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition to these books, Ultrapure Water offers technical books on ion exchange, reverse osmosis, filtration, condensate polishing, pharmaceutical water, semiconductor water, power plant water, and chlorine dioxide, among other topics. Examples of book offerings, include Wes Byrne's "Reverse Osmosis: A Practical Guide for Industrial Users" (second edition), William Bornak's "Ion Exchange Deionization", Dr. Robert Kunin's "Amber Hi-Lites: 50 Years of Ion-Exchange Technology", Dr. Theodore Meltzer's "High-Purity Water Preparation for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, and Power Industries", and the 2009 edition of "The Nalco Water Handbook".

A complete listing of books and CDs offered by Ultrapure Water journal is available at http://www.ultrapurewater.com/ZENCART/. The web site also offers details about Premier Subscriptions to Ultrapure Water, which is an on-line journal that covers the business and technology of water treatment. More information is also available by calling 303/973-6700 or by emailing info@ultrapurewater.com.

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