UKs Own Friends Network Is Now Open For Public

A new year always brings new opportunities and the chance to open up a new chapter in your life.

A new year always brings new opportunities and the chance to open up a new chapter in your life. It's not always easy to keep resolutions, but thanks to an Internet enthusiast from Richmond in Surrey there is now a place where you can find a person who will share what floats your boat, keeps you occupied for hours and makes you jump out of bed with a purpose. Whether you want to find someone for a regular jog along the river, a person to accompany you to a concert or just receive emails from a like-minded pen friend, there is now a place where you can meet. Last October Susanne Blankemeyer set up to give people from all over the UK the chance to get to know each other as Internet pen friends.

Interviewing Susanne, she said: Her son wanted to find a bass player for his band and my friend was looking for a long distance runner to train with, they didn't know where to look. Her neighbour told her she would love to take a trip to the Opera in central London but did not want to travel on her own and the idea came to me. Everything is more fun when you have a like-minded companion, someone to keep you motivated and share experiences, so fishingforafriend was born.

And with the membership growing daily, Susanne has assured all subscribers that is a safe place to meet new people. "We vet all new members before they access the site and keep a weary eye on unusual volumes. Users can use security features to block unwanted mail," she says.

Adding to the conversation she says - They keep all personal details secure. Members reveal what they want to reveal and we would never pass on details to a third party. We don't like Spam and we are very sure our members do not want it either. No matter what your hobby, sporting interest or travel plans there is bound to be someone who wants the same things anyone would do. is now a true friends network where you can learn how to make friends and accompany your friends online in the UK.


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