Ukrainians Are Taking Their Future Into Their Own Hands

HYS Enterprise announces partnership with Code Club UA, the Ukrainian chapter of CodeClubWorld to teach programming to kids ages 9-11.

HYS Enterprise announces partnership with Code Club UA, the Ukrainian chapter of CodeClubWorld to teach programming to kids ages 9-11. HYS Enterprise provides software development and services through offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the Ukraine. Yuri Warczynski, founder and managing partner, commented on the significance of this partnership in saying, “If we look to the horizon 20-40 years from now, it's already clear that many professions that exist today will be automated or robotized. Information Technology is one of the few disciplines that will not suffer from this trend and in fact will be in need of more specialists. We are very happy to help shape the future of Ukraine together with CodeClub by bringing programming to the next generation."

Code Club World is a worldwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children ages 9-11, with a mission to give every child in the world the chance to learn to code by providing project materials and guidance through a volunteering framework. It is normally a group of approximately 12 children learning to program under the guidance of a volunteer, creating computer games, animations and websites. Volunteers go for an hour a week to a local primary school or other venue, such as a library, and teach one project a week. A new set of projects is available for every school term. Each term the students will progress and learn more while developing their imaginations through creative projects. Terms 1 & 2 will learn the basics of programming using a version of Scratch which doesn’t require an Internet connection, making it applicable in virtually any venue. Term 3 will teach the basics of web development using HTML and CSS. Term 4 will teach Python and so on. Code Club World materials are available in numerous languages and there are over 6000 Code Clubs worldwide.

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HYS Enterprise is a direct subsidiary of the Netherlands based HYS Holding group of companies having an international presence in three countries. Established in 2007, the group is responsible for over one hundred employees worldwide.

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